If You Read Carefully You Won’t See Any Modi Assassination Plot in the Maoist Letter

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The entire nation went in shock hearing that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in somebody’s hitlist and that an assassination plot was being set up to eliminate him. Right Wing or not, no citizen wants a murder of any minister, let alone the Prime Minister. It made us angry, fuming over the audacity of such nefarious activities being carried out to eliminate the head of the Indian government.

Thousands of angry and concerned messages were circulated all over social media. Next, came the letter that revealed the Modi Assassination Plot. The letter was allegedly found by Pune police in the house of one of the five person arrested for links with the banned CPI (Maoist). Here is the letter –

Now this is the letter that went viral and revealed how our Prime Minister Mr. Modi is being targeted. However, if you read the letter carefully and unbiasedly especially the one’s highlighted in red, it clearly indicates that they have proposed concrete plans to end Modi-raj and not Modi unlike what is being interpreted.

Next, they talk about another Rajiv Gandhi type incident. Now, does another Rajiv Gandhi type incident only mean his K-I-L-L-I-N-G? When the previous line is about ending Modi-raj i.e. Modi regime, don’t you think ‘another Rajiv Gandhi type incident’ can perhaps mean the 1989 general elections where V.P Singh of Janata Dal united the entire disparate spectrum of parties including regional parties only to wipe out Mr. Gandhi and become the new Prime Minister?

Then they say the whole act can be suicidal. Yes, they do fear failure of their plan to end the Modi regime – their core agenda, but according to them they have an effective strategy and that is, to target his road shows. This again do not prove any assassination plot on our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi but a plan to disrupt his road shows which is not only nefarious but punishable since they talk about procuring their annual supply of M4s. And the real victims of this proposed criminal activity are not our Prime Minister but all the aam aadmi – the common people participating in these road shows.

Now according to a Times of India report, anti-Naxal cops in Telangana and AP have observed that Maoists have no such strike capabilities with no action teams. According to their source, “Suicide bombing is not part of the Maoist ideology. Action teams are almost defunct. Currently, in the country, Maoist have no capabilities to take on big targets outside forest area.”

Besides, there are few questions that is rising in everybody’s mind and is raised in several social media sites over the letter –

Why is this Indian comrade not using ‘Lal Salam’ but ‘Red Salutes?’ Aren’t all comrades even the most sophisticated ones of Lutyens’ Delhi too use ‘Lal Salam’?

How come a single letter has all the details especially coming from an underground member of a banned organization?

How come the letter gives out the names of the activists directly along with the exact number of funds?

So, I think we need to really stay calm, trust the forces as well as the Prime Minister’s security team to see if there was indeed a sinister ploy by Maoist or anybody to eliminate the head of the government. Having immense faith in our forces and intelligence services, I’m sure if there was/are any such assassination plot (even proposed!) on our Prime Minister, they would decode it and take necessary actions. Perhaps it wouldn’t have taken an entire year for them to know about an assassination plot against our very own PM.

Or maybe we should stop reading too much between the lines, what do you think? Meanwhile Varavara Rao, a Maoist ideologue and well-known revolutionary writer has dismissed the letter claiming to be a conspiracy.

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