Think the BJP was Routed in Hindi heartland? Read this and Think Again!

Photo By: aljazeeraenglish via Flickr

Even as the Congress Bhakts are cheering for their victory in the 3, previously BJP ruled states, I cant help but admire the brilliant vision of Modi Ji.

Photo By: aljazeeraenglish via Flickr

Yes, you read it right.

It was just around 2014 before the LS elections that Modi Ji had said that he is a “Hindu Nationalist”, while the sickular brigade focused on the word “Hindu” they completely missed out the word “Nationalist”.

Modi Ji has always been a true Nationalist right from the start. He has always put India first, even when he skipped school to battle crocodiles in Sabarmati river, right till he gave up his flourishing tea stall business to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat and then humbly became the Prime Minister of India.

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And like every person who puts his Nation first, Modi thinks India to be above everyone….even himself. Even when he flies constantly in the skies, whenever his plane passes over India he sleeps on his face and not on his back so that he gets the feeling of India being above him and not below him.

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Now, the Congress Bhakts and the Sickular brigade might think that BJP losing these state elections was a loss of Modi Ji…. but they cant be wrong-er. This was all a tactic of Modi Ji to unite India.

See, first he got his friends to beat up the Muslims. Then he got his allies to beat up the Dalits. Then he got his social media warriors to abuse women.

When that didn’t suffice he got in Demonetization and made the rest of India suffer while he laughed at them in Japan.

And he did all of this deliberately. This was done to get the whole of India to unite in hating Modi Ji.

YES !!! That was the trick.

Whether India hates Modi unitedly is quite irrelevant to the great nationalist, as long as they are all uniting for something.

This tactic was copied by Shahrukh Khan in Chak De India in 2007, in which he got the entire Indian Women’s Hockey team united by their hate for their coach.

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Of course, Shahrukh Khan is an Anti-National so he just made a movie out of it and didn’t give credit to Modi Ji either, but Modi Ji did it in real !!!

Now, in 2019, Modi Ji will tell everyone the truth behind his actions and will become the Prime Minister again and rule India till 3019.

Till then haters will hate, but only the intelligent people (like me) will figure out the real strategy behind this move.

In fact, this is such an epic tactic that it cant even be called a Masterstroke … its like that stroke where a premature ejaculation happens before the stroke is finished !!!

This post was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

Disclaimer: Sending this post to OpIndia with my resume, hope I get the job … Fingers Crossed.

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