All You Need to Know about Movavi Video Editing Software

Instagram freak? Social media addict? Then you must be a fan of video and image editors too! if you are in search of a good video editing software, then Movavi video editor is the one for you. Talk about all the latest video editing features jam-packed in easy to learn software; Movavi is truly a great software.

I am a social media freak and I love traveling. So, naturally, I am always in need of a good video editor to make a short movie clip or pictures compilation after a trip/vacation. I have tried various video editing programs but Movavi stood straight out of the crowd because of many reasons. A few features of the software that just can’t be missed are:

  • Super easy to use: It takes about half an hour to master and is damn easy to use. Just drag and drop the images in the places you like and then use the software to create your memory clip.
  • Tons of filters and editing features: The video editor flaunts a whopping 160+ filters. Make your video look vivid and pop with its modern and edgy filters. You can also give your video a 40’s or 80’s look using its historic filters. Cheeky title and animated texts, Movavi video editing software has got it all!
  • Background score and audio editing features: Yes, you can easily add a background song or music to your video as per your choice. You can also edit the audio of the movie clip create by changing the frequency, normalizing, removing noise, adding special effects etc.
  • All in one screen: What you can try out with this software is watching multiple videos in one screen! This feature is rarely offered by any other video app.
  • Create your videos through webcam: Using this software, you can also capture your desired video through the webcam of your laptop.
  • Video transitions and special effects: Movavi Video Editor offers over 100 video and still image transitions that can be used for a better movie clip. The special effects of the software are just mind blowing; you need to try them out!
  • Supports all OS: You can use this software on systems running Windows and iOS. There is always Movavi video editing app in AppStore and Google Play.

We all need to try things out before paying for it. This video editing software has a free trial version that allows you to know the features it has. With more sample videos, animated titles, overlay videos, tons of inbuilt music and animated stickers, you won’t regret immediate buying of this software. Almost all the features of the software can be understood with a quick look. It has got an easy-to-use interface with very smooth graphics.

You can easily download this software and start creating travel movies filled with wanderlust or celebratory movie clips for your friend or family member. The software supports multiple language and has an impressive customer support. So, guys what are you waiting for? Go grab it and you will love it!

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