10 Reasons Why Mumbaikars Hate Delhi

Delhi Vs Mumbai
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The fight between Mumbaikars and Delhi is an eternal thing which degenerates from a simple, “What do you like about your city?” to “What is the best thing in your city?” While, the slang match continues, get some popcorn as I put fuel to ignite some fire and bring up the same old topic once again which the inhabitants of these two cities can never run away from.

Delhi Vs Mumbai
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However, here I’ll focus on why Mumbaikars Hate Delhi 

  1. Because It Is Never, “Boss Jaldi Mai Hai Kya?” but Always “Bha*$C%#d Andha Hai Kya?”

Any Tom, Dick and Harry who bumps into another on street, railway platform or crowded place in Mumbai is asked whether he is in hurry. However, in Delhi he is always snapped with a swear word. No boss, just MC, BC!!!

  1. Because The Conversation of Delhiites Start with “Metro”, Is Full of “Metro” and Ends At “Metro” 

If any outsider talks to any Delhi guy/girl/aunty/uncle/kid, the one thing that they will never stop boasting about is their metro. Moreover, no matter what they talk they just can’t stop bringing up the topic of Metro and go blah blah blah…

  1. Because every third guy screams, “Jaanta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai?”

Well, dude I just saw Deewar and the only answer I have is – “Tera Baap Chor Hai!”

  1. Not Just the Girls, Even the Guys are Unsafe Here! 

No matter even if a decent guy fairly new in the city approaches a girl for some help on the road, he is greeted with a tight slap screaming, “Rape Karega?”

  1. Delhi is Directionless 

Have you heard Right Jaana, Left Jaana, Fir “U Turn” Lena? Well, Mumbaikars hate Delhi because they never reach their destination in time. Thanks to the Directionless Delhi!

  1. Driving In the Wrong Direction in A One Way Street Is A Delhi Trait 

Have you seen people driving in the wrong direction in a one way street in Mumbai? Boss, I mean Bhaaiya, enter Delhi and this is a common thing. What’s more? reversing in the wrong direction on the same street is not a big deal!

  1. Meter Is An Alien Thing 

The Meter Box in the autos of Delhi is only a decorative piece. It is functionless, just like the government of the capital city. No, wonder, Delhiites love Mumbai for its Meter if not for its Monsoon.

  1. Delhi Ki Sardi 

Tadpaye bhi aur Tarsaaye Bhi, that’s the Delhi Ki Sardi which every Mumbaikar hate about Delhi. No, we cannot romanticize your weather.

  1. Scamster’s Paradise

While, in Mumbai every second person is ready to help you. In Delhi, every second person is ready to thug you. No wonder, Delhi comes in top 10 global list of cities which travelers love to hate

  1. That Faking Accent of the Delhi-Wallahs 

Even though the girls of Delhi might sound like Rakhi Sawant and Dolly Bindra while talking amongst themselves, she won’t forget her sugary talks while asking a sutta from the tapri wallah, oh I mean, paan ki dukaan. While, the boys might ape  Hrithik Roshan, the moment they try to speak English, they sound like KRK! Guess what, still they won’t talk in Hindi even if you insist!

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