Nepal Earthquake : A Mess of Nepal’s Own Making

Nepal Earthquake Photos
Nepal Eaarthquake Aftermath 2015. Image Courtesy: Krish Dulal via Wikimedia Commons

The recent earthquake in Nepal and the aftermath of the rescue operations that followed sends out a strong message to the entire World on how important it is to have a well-defined constitutional structure.

Nepal Earthquake Photos
Nepal Eaarthquake Aftermath 2015. Image Courtesy: Krish Dulal via Wikimedia Commons

The count of 7,500 dead till now could have been averted if the rescue operations had been handled in a more democratic and systematic manner. Does The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal stand true to its official name? As things stand now, Nepal is neither democratic nor a republic and definitely not federal. The transition of Nepal from Monarchy to democracy as expected, was not without its share of bloodshed.

The Royal family Massacre had left this landlocked country in a royal mess, from which the country has not been able to rise still.

The main reason why the Nepalese Government and officials couldn’t manage relief efforts satisfactorily is because of its own internal affairs. After the massive earthquake when people came out to take part in the relief efforts they found that there is no defined hierarchy, no official knows who is he answerable to in the chain of command.

The process of codifying the constitution of Nepal started way back in 2008 and has been virtually stalled with no end result in sight.

The recent Nepal earthquake has pushed back Nepal by at least 20 years. The Nature has its own unique ways to teach and the havoc created by nature in Nepal says ” Boss get your shitty act together, otherwise this is just a warning the real show will follow“. The nature’s wrath is just a trigger the real havoc is created by the mess of the Nepal’s own making and power-hungry politicians, who are purposely failing to reach a consensus on the new constitution in a bid to cling to power.

The death toll would have been much lesser if the local response to the earthquake would have been satisfactory.

The political instability and the lack of well-defined command chain made the earthquake even deadlier. The politicians should understand it is in these times of adversity that the people need them the most but it is not a situation to roost your political ambitions.

Dear Nepal, we India as a nation will try its best to help you in your earthquake disaster management, be it manpower or supplies but also with your Constitution.With the focus now on SAARC countries, we are trying to help the South Asian nations in every which way that we could.

It’s high time that Nepal understands that it is important to clear the rubble caused by the earthquake, but it is also equally important to clear the political mess created in the nation. The country may be landlocked, but its political system should not be locked.

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