Happy Periods Isn’t a Myth Proves the New Whisper Ultra Clean!

Normally, during the first two days of my periods, I do not travel at all, forget attending meetings and going for an event. However, here, I had got my periods right in the middle of an event. Besides, I had to attend another event and then a get-together with my bestie who had come all the way from Delhi. This meant another 10 hours till I reach my home and two sanitary napkins, at least, to keep me going.

Thankfully, the management came to my rescue when they gave me an entire packet of Whisper Ultra Clean to use. Let me tell you –

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How Whisper Ultra Clean Became My Savior and Kept Me Going All Day Long

Two would be good I thought. I rushed in, to use it. Something that caught my eyes immediately was the length and the softer top sheet. It was comfortable. No wonder, it kept me relaxed for the next 10 hours.

I usually have a heavy flow during the first two days. So, the moment I reached another event, I rushed into the loo. Two hours had passed by and to my surprise there was hardly any blood popping out at the center region. Fortunately, there wasn’t any stain even at the side flap which I normally face. I was relaxed. Later I realized that Whisper Ultra Clean has powerful suction holes that not only absorbs the stain but also keeps one dry.


However, habits do not end so easily. So, I checked the situation again after 2 hours. To my surprise, it was well managed by the Whisper Ultra even now. Normally by this time, I do smell the Periods odor. But, all I got was a scent – A scent that was refreshing enough to increase my confidence to walk tension free. Amusingly, I felt my flow has reduced, but it was not my flow but the absorption power of the highly effective sanitary pad.


Then I stopped checking as I had nothing to worry. Interestingly, I even performed a skit in the other event and jumped throughout while hanging out with my bestie – something which I never do when I get my periods. When I reached home, I checked the status once again and the extra-long Whisper Ultra Clean had done its job extremely well.


I used the remaining sanitary napkins for all those 5 days, doing all the things that I normally skipped like traveling, going for my Yoga classes. The comfort level even made me break the age-old taboo that I have been following from ages ‘not washing my hair during those 5 days’.

The New Whisper Ultra Clean is something that I would recommend for all the girls out there. After using it for 5 days, I have realized that 1 Whisper Ultra Clean = 5 Ordinary Sanitary Pad. Do try the sample https://www.rewardme.in/whisper , #OwnThose5Days and kickass Periods gracefully and confidently.


Happy Periods! You Go, Girl!

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