First Impressions on Nine University’s KT VIP: Amazon FBA

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In the Amazon FBA world, everyone starts as a newbie. Which means… you have no idea WHERE to start. It’s also the point where most people either decide to back away from this “crazy” idea or stick with it. Thankfully, I recently found and joined Nine University’s KT V.I.P. program. Safe to say, we’re sticking to the plan.

During my search for a course, I’ve been bombarded with “guru” after guru, each promising me success beyond my wildest dreams. That all sounds nice, but when you actually start looking into what they have to offer, their programs seem to completely forget that the person on the other side of the screen is totally new at this. That’s probably the biggest differentiator I noticed with KT V.I.P. It’s literally designed to walk you through this whole process from start to finish. The first module shows you STEP BY STEP how to sign up for a Seller Central account. The guys behind it, Kale and Taylor, were once newbies themselves. That’s why they know exactly how to teach it.

I’ve since continued to dive deeper into Nine University’s KT V.I.P.program and it’s clear that while it fully covers the basics, the rest of it is anything but basic. It’s chock-full of advanced strategies, all while maintaining an engaging, funny and easy to understand tone throughout. How they managed to do this in 257 videos (all over-the-shoulder style instructional), is beyond me but I’m very happy they did. It just doesn’t feel like work to watch.  

While signing up, what really sold me was the idea of mentorship and connecting with other likeminded folks. The private KT V.I.P. Student Facebook alone has already proved to be an incredible resource. It’s an active community of people willing to help. Experienced sellers, ready to answer questions from the most junior of sellers. Hacks are constantly being shared and it’s an overall friendly, positive community.

Nine University’s KT V.I.P. also comes with what seems to be a full team of customer support ready to answer any questions. Trust me, questions will inevitably come up and it’s nice to know you’re signing up for something that won’t go radio silent on you after you’ve paid to sign up.

How has KT V.I.P. actually helped my numbers?

The first thing I did after getting KT V.I.P. was change my PPC strategy based on their recommendations and started to see a drop in ACOS. I’m not quite where I want to be yet but the system is proving to work. What I hope to accomplish is to bring my PPC ACOS down to around 15-20% and increase my monthly revenue initially by 50% and move upwards to $50,000 a month in profit and beyond. Take a look below at my numbers:

Here’s more of what KT V.I.P. offers:

While I’ve covered some of my personal favorite aspects of the program, I’ve only just scratched the surface of all its offerings. The program is COMPREHENSIVE.

You get 14 weeks of video trainings in KT VIP – everything from setting up your Amazon account in Seller Central to running ad campaigns. There are 6 times per week Q&A coaching calls face-to-face with Amazon experts so you get your questions answered as quickly as possible. You even get Boost9 software to help you pick the right product, listing photos and optimization by Honey Badger Boost, and so much more.

KT VIP is everything I needed to be successful with my Amazon FBA business. I know it’s going to help you too.

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