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Since 2015, the number of enrollments into online programs and degrees has increased. The number of colleges starting to provide online is also more now. These colleges began with the mindset that if online programs like best online associates degree are available then students will enrol not just from the United States but also from all across the world. This is due to the popularity of US education all across the world. With online programs and courses, the US education has just become easily accessible to aspiring eligible candidates from all across the world at any given point of time.

Many students switch between regular on-campus education and online education. This is the reason when selecting online colleges, candidates prefer selecting a college in their state of residency. If they want to transfer from online education, this will be easy as the enrolment can be changed from full-time online enrollment to full-time on-campus enrollment into best online doctorate degrees.

As doctorate degrees require a certain level of on-campus education to meet the level of degrees, it is a higher education than an associate bachelor or master’s degree and it requires a certain faculty interaction for better understanding of the curriculum. The College Monk is the portal where you get these information.

When it comes to on-campus and online education, the tuition fees are a concern to most students as the cost of education is only skyrocketing due to inflation. Online education is cheaper than regular on-campus education even then students prefer taking up student loans. Students take up education loans without being aware of the consequences. Student loans are a debt that will haunt you for a long time. A loan for a long time leads to a lot of interest and the interest rates only go up over the years.

With increasing interest rates, the total amount the borrower ends up paying is highly expensive. This will hold you back in your career and personal financial growth. Having a debt will force you to settle for a job that pays well than following your passion. Also, this will make a huge dent on your personal savings which is very important as you start paying off your student loan at the beginning of your career. This results in you being financially unstable.

Instead of opting for student loans there are a few options available like scholarships, grants, financial aid, work-study, pay as you go and many other options. Many universities provide various financial assistance. Here we are going to discuss more about these available options.

Scholarships are available to online and regular educations. Most accredited institutes provide the same scholarships to online and on-campus students. These scholarships are funded by various sources like the financial aid fund of the college, private companies, private organizations, individual sponsors, etc. These scholarships are available to students on eligibility basis.

Few scholarships require students to apply and submit the FAFSA to be considered for the scholarship. These scholarships can range from a few hundred to covering the entire tuition fees. Some scholarships need to be applied for every year or course whereas others are selected by the faculty on the merit basis or academic performances in previous semesters. Similarly, grants are allocated with a few eligibility criteria and the candidates who meet these criteria will be awarded the grants.

The Federal government of United States of America also provided financial aid to the education in the form of federal aid. To be considered for this applying and submitting FAFSA application is key. FAFSA can be applied by the student and the parent or guardian. This federal aid is granted in various forms like federal Pell grant, federal work-study program.

Work-study program is where a student enrolled in a program in a university is allotted a job by the university. The salary earned at work can be paid towards the cost of education. There is one type of work-study where the student works towards the benefit of the university like work as an academic advisor or teacher’s assistant. Another work-study program is where the student is not required to pay for their education, but the student will have to teach for a year or two after graduation. This is beneficial as you get to work on your career as you study. This is a viable option for students who are career-focused and driven.

There are many other financial assistance options like pay as you go, parent’s saving and many other options. So, it is not necessary to take up a student loan and feel trapped in the webs of a debt.

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