7 Ways Technology Has Changed Education Positively

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If there is one area of life where technology has had a great and positive influence, it must be education. About a decade ago, education was so text based, so linear and to a large extent, it was so bland and boring. But thanks to technology, teachers can now add that extra oomph that makes learning fun and students can grasp issues much better than they would two decades ago. Today, you can take online classes to the completion of your degrees. More education apps continue to be developed and perhaps the best benefit of them all is that there is a bigger reach now.

Here are a few ways in which tech has changed education:

1. Increased Reach

If you want to learn Spanish and you feel that learning it from a native Spanish speaker will give you a better grasp at phonetics, tone and many more characteristics of language, well, it would be much better to connect online with a Spanish teacher in Spain, through applications like Skype, or others developed specifically for learning new languages. Technology has made education go global in a very big way. And you can easily find so many YouTube language tutorials that can be even better solution. So, free online learning is available for anybody and everybody with a mobile phone or computer with internet connection.

2. Digital Books

Paper books are still great, you know the smell of paper and all, but the truth is the use of paper books is decreasing with the advent of digital books. It can take decades to completely get rid of paper books, but one day, paper books will not be a preference for students. With the ability to carry 20 textbooks in an iPad rather than carrying all that weight in the school bag, education just became easier. In addition, with more involvement of technology in education, the digital book will be complete with simulations and visualizations.

3. Increased Teacher-Student Interaction Even During The Off-School Hours

Today, a teacher does not have to knock on a student’s door to find out why he/she missed classes. With so many communication apps, teachers can keep in touch with their students through Whatsapp, email and others. Education has also gone on cloud because today, teachers can share large files in Dropbox or Google Docs with their students and when the students complete their assignments, they can upload them to the same service. Beside this, students can use various college study apps in their mobile phones to solve their study related problems.

4. Better Simulations And Visualizations

Technology in education is indeed beautiful as students can now learn hands-on about chemistry, physics, fashion, design, and many more, what with apps that help simulate everything making it easier to grasp. Even the problem subjects like math can become easier with visualizations. Graphical presentations, relationship between fractions and so many other concepts are best explained using technology.

5. Learning Beyond The Classroom

The traditional classroom is so restrictive and does not encourage students to seek extra knowledge on their own. That is why many people in America, Europe and elsewhere think that Africa is a country. However, with the technology in education, it is now easier to access information on anything online.

6. Education just became cheaper

Despite many countries in the world gunning for free education for everyone, in many countries, education is still very costly. However, technology is making things much easier. When you look on marketplaces like Amazon, you will see that eBooks cost much less than paper books. Electronic books are much easier to produce and can be shared across many devices. Students can access all types of books and other scholarly information online easily.

7. Learning on the go

Who wants to be confined to their classroom, library or carry a hefty computer around when they can access their educational materials on their mobile devices? An iPad can carry your entire school life history since you joined first year of university to the day you graduated. All education apps are responsive. Thankfully, Google and other search engines are making matters even better by insisting that websites and apps be responsive and that mobile users be protected from a barrage of ads.


We could go on and on about the many ways in which technology has changed education. However, learning on the go, more interaction, huge access to materials and saving on costs are the paramount advantages. Now, there is no more excuse for ignorance. Even you can find solution to complex math problems, making learning math online a great way for student to excel in math.

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