The Second Wave of Corona – Democracies Nemesis

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Disclaimer : This is a totally apolotical piece and please keep an open mind while reading it.

The timing of the second wave of Corona Virus (CoVID-19) which has become all gloom and doom for India is crucial and certainly calls into question the modes and methods adopted by political parties across the board purportedly towards the advancement of electoral politics in tune with the Constitution.

However, the real question to be asked is whether the election rallies was the main cause of the spread of COVID19 in India, or just a political gimmick used by opposition parties to pin the entire blame on BJP? 

Contrary to popular propaganda, none of the candidates belonging to the entire spectrum of political parties shied away from collecting crowds in thousands, for their political rallies. 

Nonetheless, all the political parties are guilty of making the political rallies a hotspot for the spread of Covid centre or rather an epicentre. During the elections, Covid cases spiked in crores and naturally no country, howsoever, advanced can handle such a huge influx of patients simultaneously, not even Russia or America. 

The health infrastructure crumbled and people died due to lack of resources, people who could have been saved, albeit, no accountability was or will be fixed on anybody. It was God’s cruel wish and despondence for the families of the deceased.
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 The elections are an important part of democracy and avoiding it was impossible, but could it have been delayed? That’s the right question; to which there will be no answers.

The answer lies within the hearts of people in power but then there is no answer which can satisfy the consciousness of even the staunch supporters of any party.

Let’s ponder over it once this is over or at least pause since we have descended to such low levels that even the dead cannot rest in peace.

One thing is for sure, nobody anticipated the second wave of Corona, but warning bells were ignored and lack of preparedness is writ large.
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The situation might have improved but still, it’s far from over and we have a long battle ahead of us. 

God bless the infected and save the rest.

second wave of corona
Cartoon by Satish Acharya

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