Use Oracle 1Z0-071 Exam Dumps to Get Oracle Database Administrator Job Role

Database administrators are with no doubt one of the unsung heroes of the modern IT industry. Known to create and maintain access to database platforms, it’s fair to say that database professionals maintain the backbone of a company, which is the actual database.

Oracle is driven by its belief in customer satisfaction and it’s not for nothing that it is quickly becoming one of the most popular database platforms in the contemporary IT sphere. With the implementation of Oracle technology, comes lucrative career options that IT professionals can exploit.

In addition to equipping you with new-age technology skills, the ever-increasing demand for Oracle certified individuals also means that you can build a fruitful career in this field, provided you have what it takes to succeed.

So, what exactly do you need to succeed in this field? Or how exactly can you become an Oracle Database certified professional? What technology will you use and what are some of the benefits to become an Oracle certified DBA?

In this post, find out what you need to know about 1Z0-808 exam, one of the most popular Oracle certification exams in recent years and how exam dumps can help you to pass it from the first attempt. But let’s start with the main benefits of being Oracle certified.

The Major Perks to Becoming an Oracle Certified IT Professional

1. Specific knowledge to improve your career

Oracle certifications are a tool to help you stay distinct in the IT industry, especially when competing for a specific job role.

By becoming an Oracle certified professional, means that you possess the most relevant skills in the chosen domain. You also show the potential employer, that you are committed to advancing your career and can make their company productive as soon as you are hired.

2. A stepping stone towards a fruitful job

While some have insinuated that IT certifications never adequate to proficiency in the IT industry, the same cannot be said for the Oracle credentials.

Oracle badges reinforce the knowledge gained from your technology area of specialization and give your career prospects a huge boost.

Getting certified as an Oracle database professional, for instance, fortifies your career prospects and is the first step when you want to secure better opportunities with improved working conditions. For you to note, that the OCA Database Administrators, for instance, earn annually about $92,000, according to PayScale website.

3. Increased demand for Oracle Certified Professionals

The demand for Oracle certified IT professionals is at an all-time high and getting certified by this vendor won’t hurt your aspirations, no matter your career objectives.

Oracle credentials showcase a solid understanding of your area of specialty and can make you an attractive prospect to the hiring managers. ((Also check out, Certification Exam Questions for IT Certification Providers)

Details of the Oracle 1Z0-071 Exam

To obtain the abovementioned and some more professional opportunities by earning the certification we recommend you to pay attention to the Oracle 1Z0-071 test that is all about Oracle Database SQL.

This test qualifies candidates for 3 credentials. These include Oracle PL/SQL Database Certified Associate, Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate, and Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate badges.

The Oracle 1Z0-071 exam is a multiple-choice test that brings 78 questions related to the database management domain. The test duration is 120 minutes with the passing score set at 63% out of a possible 100. Like most of the Oracle certification exams, this test will cost you $245 for every attempt. Check out

Steps to Attaining Your Certification

Oracle provides a clear-cut procedure for earning any of its database credentials. If you are working toward any of the mentioned 3 certifications that require the knowledge gained from 1Z0-071 exam, you should start your journey by enrolling in one of Oracle’s recommended training courses. These include the following:

  • Oracle Database Administration Learning Subscription;
  • Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL;
  • Oracle Database Developer Learning Subscription;
  • Unlimited Product Learning Subscription.

After taking any of these courses you obtain the needed knowledge and hands-on skills to have a better chance of passing this exam easily.

Use PrepAway to Pass Your Oracle 1Z0-071 Exam

Every candidate’s wish is to pass their Oracle 1Z0-071 exam easily in their first try. But many have failed due to lack of effective study materials, knowledge or a combination of different factors. website is a center of excellence that’s committed to helping IT specialists pass their certification exams easily even when new to IT industry. For the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam, PrepAway offers tons of study materials that are focused on crucial exam domains. From the 1Z0-071 Premium Bundle ($39.99) to free exam questions and answers, be sure to choose a training material that fits your schedule.

Apart from the quality of the PrepAway dumps they have one more advantage: the files are practiced almost in the real-exam environment. This means you can open these dumps in the special ETE Exam Simulator and get familiar with the topics, structure and principles of the test. All these can give you a hint about what topics you should learn better and in general raise your confidence to perform better at the assessment.

Exam Scheduling

Obviously, the next step after completing your training courses and other preparation programs is to schedule your exam. Oracle gives you the freedom to either purchase an exam voucher and use it when scheduling the test or pay directly using a credit card.

Of course, you can only schedule your 1Z0-071 exam through Pearson VUE which is the recognized Oracle exam testing partner.


Smart database administrators understand their role and are willing to keep pace with the latest technologies in the fast-moving IT industry. When it comes to pursuing an Oracle certification, it’s important to keep up with the latest release to help you make strategic decisions for your company. And you can never go wrong with an Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate credential. Here’s hoping the highlighted tips in addition to PrepAway website will help you prepare for your 1Z0-071 exam in the right way and build a name for yourself in the ever-changing IT landscape.

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