Stop Being Disappointed. Find Enthusiasm And Be Creative

It won’t be a mistake saying that during the last decade, the question of how to overcome disappointment has reached its highest position. Our hectic world and an extremely fast pace of life cost us a lot of effort, and sometimes, it becomes almost impossible to find any source of motivation and enthusiasm because of tiredness and disappointment, especially among creative people, including writers.

Despite an array of different essays, articles, and books written about creativity and inspiration, there are more and more people who still don’t know how to be a successful writer and where to find the passion for writing a high-quality content?

All these and many other questions I hear every day from my colleagues, and that’s the main reason why I decided to present you a small list of 5 writing tips, which will help you to find your enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter who you are – a blogger trying to compose more creative content for own readers, a student seeking a research writing source, or just a writer unable to find motivation for creating something special – this list will be useful for you.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others!

People can’t help but compare themselves to someone else, especially when it comes to someone’s success – a luxurious neighbor’s car, a more prestigious position in the office, a higher colleague’s salary, and even a more talented and more creative person. There is an unlimited number of different factors that can be the reason we compare our life to someone else’s. One can say it’s a terrible habit, but we’re all human, and that’s in our very nature. The question is how to stop doing this and live without this constant competition.

Don’t think that someone can be more significant than you or write a more interesting novel, or create a more successful blog! Focus only on your own business, on your feeling of beauty and notion about life. Don’t compare but learn from other people’s mistakes in order to create something special and unique.

2. Live Without Expectations!

Have you ever thought about what would happen in the future? Of course, you have! And how did it feel when your expectations were defeated? I think the answer is obvious – you were nervous, disappointed, and stressed. So, why do you do that? Let me repeat what was written earlier – don’t look at other people, don’ think about their excellence, but be yourself. Don’t think about your future salary when you get ready to the interview, and set aside the dreams about a million royalties when you only start writing your book – no need to hurry, as your life may prepare another plan for you.

3. Do Your Best!

The simplest way to make your life more meaningful and less stressful is to do what you love perfectly. In essence, you should do your job in such a way that you would be proud of yourself, respect yourself, and just be happy. It’s such a delight to understand that the task was pretty hard, and you could do it perfectly, as a pro. Try to follow this rule every day, especially during the writing of your book, article or blog, and you’ll see that your life will change immediately.

Do not forget about the simple principle – do what you love and love what you do. If you don’t like your job, or you don’t have any idea of what to do with your life, what are your passion and mission, start to work on this question as soon as possible, don’t waste your time!

4. Find Your Inspiration!

The most important thing for every writer in the world is to be inspired. It’s the everlasting dilemma – where and how one finds inspiration? Fortunately, the answer is much simpler you could fancy. Try to find your muse everywhere, even in the small details of your everyday routine. Listen to your favorite music, read your favorite book, paint something beautiful, make a delicious cake – do anything that can make you happy, and only after that, you can start to create your written masterpiece.

5. Work Hard!

For some of you, this advice does not seem as a way to cope with disappointment, but let me explain! The harder you will work for achieving your goals and dreams now, the greater and more talented you will be in future. It’s a very easy and understandable formula, isn’t it? Working hard means more practice!

If you want to write a great book or become a famous blogger, how do you expect to do this, if you don’t work intensely every day for making your dreams come true? It’s ridiculous and impossible! How to be a better writer? Write every day at least one page, read ten pages and put the rest of your efforts into practice, and only then you can achieve everything you want!


As you have noticed, my small list of creative writing exercises comes to an end, but I want to add one more detail for you. It doesn’t matter much what kind of problems do you have in your life and if they make you disappointed and powerless, the only important thing is your desire to make your life more creative and colorful.

Are you ready to fight for your happiness or not? I truly believe that you can do everything and hope you won’t be lazy, won’t compare yourself with others, won’t be living expecting a miracle, but will be always inspired to create excellent articles, write amazing novels, live and motivate other people!

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