The Palghar Mob Lynching Incident is Deplorable and Condemnable

The Palghar Mob Lynching incident is as deplorable and condemnable as any mob lynching is.

Three people which included 2 Sadhus and their driver were going to Gujarat taking the smaller roads to avoid the barricades during the lockdown.

They were stopped at the Dadra Nagar Haveli border by the Cops and told to return back.

On their way back, they were passing through the village of Gadchinchle, Palghar.

As per news reports and Govt confirmation, there was a serious case of rumor mongering in this remote village of Gadchinchle that there was a gang kidnapping child for organ harvesting.

The Sadhus were stopped by the villagers and the lynching began. The Cops did make it there on time but they were also beaten up and frankly I didn’t see them making much of an effort to stop the Lynchers.

The Government of Maharashtra has already arrested close to 100 of these Lynchers. They have suspended two police officers at the moment and the case has been handed over to CID Crime for further investigation.

The CM Uddhav Thackeray has addressed the state today and given a clarification of what happened along with an indication of the future actions which are being taken.

But despite this, a certain brigade wants to give this a communal angle.

Why? Because the victims were Sadhus.

For those who are not aware, an incident however deplorable, has a communal angle not just because of the identity of the victim but also due to the identity of the criminal and the reason for the crime.

In this case, neither the criminals were from any specific single community, nor was the reason to lynch having any communal overtones.

So I wonder what they want everyone to outrage about? Do they want people to outrage because….

– The news has already been covered in most mainstream media channels?

– The CM himself has taken cognizance of the incident and is not shoving this under the rug?

– Cops have already been suspended and further enquiry has been initiated?

– Arrests have already been made?

Oh wait, now I understand, they are not used to seeing a Govt actually do what it is supposed to.

So, they want everyone to outrage because they don’t like to see a functioning Government.

Ironically it is the BJP who is ruling the Gadchinchle gram Panchayat, and even the Sarpanch has been arrested.

Disclaimer: Those giving a communal twist to the Palghar mob lynching have no sympathies with the victims. They are just here to spread further communal divide based on fake rumor mongering. They don’t care who has died and how heinously, one bit. Let that be very clear.

This was post published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

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