Who is Pandugrath? Was He Mahapadma Nand’s Son?

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In the serial Chandra Nandni, we saw how Chandragupta Maurya brought Pandugrath in the Magadh palace so that he can not only look after him but also treat him under the supervision of Chanakya.

While, there is nothing known about Pandu grath, here we share things that you want to know about him.

Pandugrath, the son of Mahapadma Nanda – Real or Fictional Character?

Mahapadma Nanda was the ruler of Nanda dynasty. He had eight sons – Panduka, Pandugati, Bhutapala, Rashtrapala, Govishanaka, Dashasiddhaka, Kaivarta
and Dhana Nanda. None of them was Pandu Garth. The name perhaps has been inspired by his sons – Panduka and Pandugati.

Dhana Nanda Was the Last Ruler of the Nanda Dynasty

None from the Nanda dynasty could gather courage to fight against the mighty Chandragupta Maurya post the defeat of Dhana Nanda, the last king of the Nandas. Besides, it was Dhana Nanda who fought against Chandragupta Maurya and not Mahapadma Nand.

So, Is Pandu Garth Dhana Nanda’s Son By Any Chance?

No, there is nothing known about Dhana Nanda’s son. So, the Pandu Garth shown in the serial who wants revenge for his father Mahapadma Nand, is purely fictional. Besides, after defeating the Nanda army, Chandragupt had become so powerful that there was hardly anybody who could defeat him either in the war or through deceitful strategies.

Pandugarth just like Nandini is a fictional character and it will only be interesting to watch how and when he’ll exposed in front of everybody.

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