Parenting Tips: 6 Things to Avoid in front of your Children

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A famous man once said, “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

True to the core. No matter what we say or do, our kids often emulate them. So, as  a parent it is our responsibility to be very careful of what we do and say in front of our little ones. Children who are exposed to violence in their homes are very liable to reveal the same sort of violent behavior at an early age.

Kids inculcate certain habits and behavioral traits from their parents and their surroundings. So, it’s crucial that you keep your wee ones away from influences and practices that can have an effect on their physical and mental growth in the future. Let’s discover few parenting tips and what are those “NO-NO” moves:

Fighting and Arguing

This means no screaming, no name-calling and no threats. Tina B. Tessina, PhD author of “Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About The Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage”  and psychotherapist advices “Focus on the content of the fight. No-holds-barred arguing that forces children take on responsibility to keep you two from fighting.” It will not only set a bad example of what marriage is but may affect their ability to keep relationships going.

Michael Osit, EdD, a clinical psychologist who works with families, says that it’s significant that your kids don’t see out-of-control rant and rave. He further adds that “They should understand that parents can get mad at each other and still love each other.”

According to the recent report carried out by the researchers at the University of Indiana and the University of Washington it has been discovered that most adolescent who eyewitness domestic violence become bullies themselves.

Getting Cozy

Experts recommend that a comprehensive line should be drawn between affectionate and sexual behavior. While the former is beneficial, the latter is harmful. As a parent, you have to strike an equilibrium and behave accordingly in front of your children.

Gestures like holding hands, hugging and placing head on your spouse’s shoulder are positive signs that parents possess a healthy relationship. However sexual display of affection between you and your partner may act like sexual abuse in the kid’s tender psyche. This can cause bring a negative effect on the  kid and tamper the natural growth of the kid.

Cursing and Swearing Goes Against Experts’ Parenting Tips

How many times have you dropped the “C” or “F”  bomb and cursed your spouse in front of your kids? Bad languages are not often easy to evade, particularly if your habitual and use them on a daily basis.

Moreover if you utilize profanities in front of your kids they will think that it’s okay to use such words. So, maintain your positive image and avoid using any foul language in front of your kid. Don’t forget they look upon you as their idol.

Watching Violence and Nudity On Screen

Adolescents  from a very tender age are nowadays exposed to all sorts of offensive and dirty things on the Internet and TV which when continued can have a very adverse effect on their minds. So make sure you do not watch vulgar or violent show in front of them.

How many times have we read in the newspaper or news channel that a kid imitated the stunt shown in the ad? Many a times, right? This is because kids watch these things and try to imitate them. In addition, by watching more and more violence they tend to become aggressive, while vulgar and sleazy scenes make them curious and confused. Therefore, it is imperative to hold back children from such exposures till they become matured enough to contemplate what is right and what is wrong.

Drinking and Smoking

If as a parent you are engaged in bad habits like smoking and drinking in front of your children, what example will you put? In fact you even lose the moral right to stop your children from indulging in the same habits after they grow up.

In addition, if you smoke in front of your children they become passive smokers – ultimately affecting their respiratory system. Therefore, if you do not want your child to inculcate these bad habits then try to be the Perfect Father/Mother by becoming a teetotaler or at least do not smoke or drink in front of them.


Parents often lie to their kids to avoid explanations, tears and confrontation. The majority of the parents lie to keep difficult and inquisitive queries at bay which they find difficult to answer or handle. As children rely on their parents and guardians to explain the world to them, adults should never give their children a false explanation, fact or reason.

If you thing, there is more to add, drop your own parenting tips in the comment box. Happy Parenting!

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