Action on Crimes Against Minority in India Vs Action on Crime Against Minority in USA

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Action on Crime Against Minority In USA:

– A man from minority is murdered by a Policeman

– The murder is a sheer example of police brutality

– The Cop is immediately suspended

– The Cop is also charged with murder and manslaughter

– The people of US protest (despite the Government action) for their rights.

– They protest against the institutionalized hatred against minority community to be ended

– The President of USA has to go into hiding in a bunker (as reported)

– The people continue to protest

Action on Crimes Against Minority In India:

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– People from minority get murdered by those in power. It’s almost a routine.

– No one is suspended, no one is charged

– Sometimes the murderers are garlanded by Government Ministers

– Sometimes the murderers are given election tickets and become MLAs and MPs

– Inflammatory speeches are made against the minority community by the People in Power and elected representatives

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– Protests, if any, are shunned. Protesters are picked up and jailed and brutally beaten inside the jail even when they were being peaceful.

– Protesters are beaten, water cannoned, tear gassed, shot with pellet guns

– Police brutality is well documented on videos which go viral.

– The protesters are called “Desh Drohis

– Slogans of “Goli Maaro Saalon Ko” are given by elected representatives in power.

– The Prime Minister comes on TV and does not even mention the crimes against minority (no bunker needed)

– The Prime Minister says “Sab Changa Si

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– The Nation claps and elects the same Government again.

And we have people from India showing solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter protests in the USA?

Don’t the lives of minorities, the poor, the underprivileged matter in India?

Disclaimer: Ack Thoo on your Hypocrisy, Indians!!!!!

This post on Crimes against Minority was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

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