The Most Powerful Weapon in Politics is Religion

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Since the beginning of time, people used religion and other forms of beliefs to protect themselves and explain the nature of events around them. Politics and religion used to exist independently from each other, until elections candidates realized, that referring to God and people’s faith attract voters much more than empty promises.

Politicians are not ashamed to openly mention God, involve churches or religious organizations in the election campaigns, saturate their speeches with religious terms, and even quote the Holy Bible. The use of God image in the political propaganda has changed over time and continues to become more sophisticated. A wise public relations specialist is a god of knowledge for politician candidates of today.

Let’s have a look at the key features of the religious weapon in modern politics:

  • Politics runs on a fuel named religion. Religion is something that politicians can swear by, and get the public to vote for them. They can tell them anything, and people will believe, as long as the candidate belongs to their own religious group.
  • It is nothing but a devised strategic plan to emotionally ruin people. Once the people are emotionally on your side, they will vote for you. Simple as that.
  • Politicians play many mind games, and they know how to manipulate people and push them to one side. This is what they have been doing since time immemorial, and this is the future as well unless we change the way we think.
  • It is highly unlikely that someone who belongs to the Muslim minority will get a majority vote during elections, in a country like the USA. However, a roman catholic or a die-hard Christian will surely bag the votes in his favor.
  • When casting a vote, people want to know the religious commitment of the candidate, and Christian life is something that popular politicians will swear by, only to get more votes. Popular politic figures even publish scholar articles or even dissertations on religious topics. When I needed an assistance with academic writing on religion, politics, and law, I loved this
  • Such thinking and decision makers are pushing us backward. On one side, we are investing billions of dollars into technology, space ventures, and robotics, and on the other side, people who set the religion as the main value in the modern society are pushing us back into medieval ages.
  • They think that by voting for a candidate based on his religion, or his race, things will turn into their favor. The candidate will work for their betterment and bring them a future that they want to live in. But these criteria for selection will actually bring a doom on the country!
  • If there is anything that can serve as a base for a selection of a political candidate, it’s his qualifications, plans for future, and leadership approach. If he treats all the sexes, races, and social groups equally, then he has great chances of becoming a right choice for the whole country. Vice versa, if he thinks a certain group should be banned from entering the country or a certain religion should be prohibited, then he is pushing that country into constant conflicts.
  • There are numerous examples of leaders who played the politics of divide and rule in history. Adolf Hitler is one of the most notorious ones, who spewed venom against Jews in all his speeches and public appearances, and created a rift in people of prospering Germany. After that, the world saw one of the most horrible mass destructions called ‘The Holocaust’. It not only claimed the lives of millions of Jews but also showed the world, how ideas of one man can lead to mass destruction.

Natural theology implemented in politics can be useful for both leaders and public. A person who has a vision of a prospering world, a world where people of all races, communities, and religions live together in harmony, will always focus on taking his country to greater heights. While someone who only focuses on his own race, his own community, and religion, will undoubtedly push the world back into past and create tensions.

There are many world leaders who have set the example of being amazing visionaries and who gave their people a new vision for a new world order, and similarly, there are many world leaders on parallel lines, who pushed the world backward by creating situations where people did nothing but made religion a weapon in politics.

This post is written by Paul Calderon

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