5 Reasons Why we are Excited to see Preeta and Karan as a Married Couple

Finally, Preeta and Karan are married in Kundali Bhagya after a lot of drama, twists and turns. While, this has been a set back to Prithvi, Sarla and few others, it is surely an amazing news to the viewers and all the #PreeRan fans out there. Nevertheless, this track would bring in a lot of enjoyable moments for us viewers especially the hardcore Karan and Preeta fans.

Here are few of the many reasons why fans are excited to see Karan and Preeta as married couples in Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya:

To See Preeta and Karan as Lovers and not Friends

We loved their equation and attraction as friends but we always craved them to see as lovers. Now that they both know that they love each other, it would be interesting to see the couple as lovers. Their exclusive love story do have the potential to get into the immortal list of TV’s most remembered and most loved couples.

To Watch Their Rom-Com as Pati – Patni

It has been quite a thrill to see their bickering as friends. So, now that they are married and share a funny love-hate relationship, both Karan and Preeta with their unique and admiring style are sure to keep us entertained all week long in the upcoming tracks of Kundali Bhagya.

Karan and Preeta’s Sizzling Romance

Although they talk a lot and fight a lot, their married life is sure to bring a lot of romance and passion, something that is quite evident in all Ekta Kapoor shows. The sizzling hot romance between the two is only going to heat up the show further.  Their overall chemistry emphasized with their love is what the fans are drooling over.

Preeta Is Surely Going to be a Pati-vrata Patni

We all know how Preeta is – Her soft nature, big heart and her values will surely pop out in abundance now that she is not just a girl but a bahu and a patni. So, get ready for all those festivals and special ocassions where she is gonna lit up both as an adarsh patni and aadarsh bahu, beating the likes of Sherlyn.

To Witness Their Companionship Amidst Chaos, Confusion and Misunderstandings

Being a TV serial we know things aren’t going to be all good and groovy between them always and this means it would be interesting to watch the camaraderie between the two even in tough times. Besides, now that they claim to know each other better and even impose a certain ‘haq’ on each other, their screen presence is only going to brighten up our mood.

Now that the Luthra family including Daadi and Rakhi are highly agitated against Preeta, we are not sure how will they react to Preeta and Karan’s marriage in the house but going forward Preeta is sure to win everybody’s heart yet again. However, we do feel sorry for Rishabh Luthra and are awaiting to witness his relationship towards Preeta now that she is his younger brother’s wife.

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