The Josh Needs to be a Perfect Balance of Some Hosh and Some High!

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Going to a war I’m sure is very much unlike sharing an explosive fb quote or staging an irrelevant rail roko!!! A war is much more than a revenge drama. A war is beyond the momentary thrill we all are dreaming of in our dreams since the past three nights at someone else’s expense. At the expense of a precious Indian Solider.

Pulwama Revenge
Image via ZEE NEWS Video

Going to a war will mean we all become unsteady, ruffled and hungry. Going to a war won’t be an easy login and log out.

The public outcry against the terrorist attack is yes very very important and if our blood boils for our Motherland that’s a good age to be in. But the hooliganism and politicization of this issue is a serious NO NO. Those vandalising around, staging rail rokos, shutting shops please come ahead to march towards Pulwama.

The fabric of this country needs to stay intact and we all for once need to behave with utmost sincerity and maturity.

Those who lost their lives deserve worthy citizens. We need to be those worthy citizens in every aspect of our social responsibility. Not each one of us can or will be able to prove our love by dying for the country. Some will have to standback and build as well. Service to nation has many formats.

Let’s first and foremost not be fooled by the irresponsible, opportunistic and instigating television and print mediums which are merely the mouth pieces of the political parties with own unstable agendas to propagate.

If we have elected a sensible government (which we have) then we need to trust it now the most. Trust it to deliver and strike at the right time, in right measure and right method. That measure might not be a war. That method might not be a filmsy revenge of our dreams. Let us stand united to agree to the strategies that would be laid down in the wake of this tragedy. 

And yet inspite of everything if India does decide to cry the War cry trust us Sir we all will be ready to perform to the best of our abilities. The Josh needs to be a perfect balance of some hosh and some high!!!

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