10 Quick Foods to Boost Memory during Exams – A Student’s Nightmare

Foods to Boost Memory During Exam

Ever dreamt of having that one small memory card slot in your brain that could retain all the information during your exams? Well, you certainly aren’t a Terminator Sidekick or Cyborg, or living in a bio-mechatronic era of sci-fi technologies. That time is yet to come, may be the next 20 years or so, but for now you’ll have to rely on more of an organic waythe natural memory boosting foods blessed by The Almighty God. So today we thought to round up some of the best memory boosting foods out there and came up with a collection of top 10 foods to boost memory and sharpen your mind instantly during exam times:

Foods to Boost Memory During Exam

Dark Chocolate

Your mamma always kept you away from eating chocolates but now she is going to let you eat a bunch of them – dark chocolate to be more precise. Yes! This cocoa packed bar contains sufficient amount of caffeine, antioxidants and flavonoids that boosts your brain power instantly. According to recent studies conducted by researchers, dark chocolate keeps you mentally and physically young.

Dark chocolate also does a pretty fine job at cheering up your mood. So, a small bar of dark chocolate could do wonders for you overnight.

Here’s one tip: Take small bites of dark chocolate while studying at Sunrise. This helps in retaining fresh information at a faster speed.

Black Coffee

Black coffee keeps your mind alert all the time and also keeps you awakened if you’re a sleepy head and not quite prompt at reading your study materials in late hours. It is the best brain stimulant but to its contrast, a limited usage is recommended due to high amount of caffeine and receptor blockers that it contains.


Despite of being a fatty (monounsaturated fruit), it regulates your blood flow up to a decent amount and frequency. The regulated blood flow keeps your brain active and ever ready to welcome new information. Thanks to its blood pressure leveling ability, your hypertension and anxiety during exams would be far left behind.


Eating walnuts would prevent you from going nuts. Pfff….! A study claims that walnuts improve your cognitive capabilities and even guards your nervous system from neurodegenerative attacks. Rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin E, walnuts can do an amazing job during your exams.


Blueberries are quite capable of providing various mental health benefits, thanks to its anthocyanins that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components. Both the components combat inflammation and stress which keeps your brain young and energetic.


Almonds contain a unique form of vitamin E namely alpha-tocopherol that is a quick body absorbent. Moreover, the antioxidant effects of almonds slow down the mental aging factor and they are most effective when eaten in raw form.

Here’s one tip: Dip a couple of almonds overnight and peel off their brown skin the very next morning. Chew them properly in the morning and start studying!


Your mom kept chasing you to eat that one bite of yucky green vegetable but now you’re going eat it on your own; be it a one-time put-off one night before your exams or days ahead. This is the charismatic power of broccoli you can’t deny. It is blessed with some serious antioxidants and high levels of Vitamin K that gives you surprising 100% of RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) in a single cup weighing around 100 grams.

Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts contain a rich amount of magnesium that boosts your morale and mood. Decreasing high levels of anxiety and mental depression is another great quality of pine nuts. Get a good night sleep by having some of it before sleeping and you’ll wakeup with an active mind and energy.


People with severe memory loss and dementia have been using ginger from ages. It is also good at improving other cognitive functions of the brain, reports suggest. Besides showing good results when consumed by middle-aged people, ginger is quite effective for children and teen agers. We highly recommend using it with tea before sunrise!


Cauliflower being a rich source of choline (Vitamin B) is proven to enhance cognitive thinking capabilities and activeness. It is also good at reducing high toxin levels from your brain and keeps it young for ages, regardless of the aging factor.

So, it’s now time to getting an upper hand over your schoolmates during your exams by combining a diet of some of these foods as per your taste and convenience. But still, if we missed something, suggest us through your comments below about more foods to boost memory:

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