Are Razer Gaming Laptops Good? Are They Worthy?

razer gaming laptops
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Razer Inc. is one of the best companies in terms of gaming equipment production and creation. Over the years, the brand has successfully launched multiple products like mechanical keyboards, mouse and other accessories – changing the market completely to their favor, however, their most outstanding product is their gaming laptops with multiple high-tech features. With powerful graphics and superior audio quality, razer gaming laptops are no less than a Macbook for gamers.

However, with so many options available from various other laptop providing companies across the globe, one wonders whether Razer gaming laptops are worthy enough or not? Let us explore together –

Are Razer Gaming Laptops Good? Are they Worthy?

Unlike companies like Samsung, Apple, Dell, and others, Razer focuses primarily on gaming. The main objective of Razer laptops or Razer Blade is to provide quality hardware to reach good amounts of FPS in every game, without sacrificing too much battery life. Full of power, portability and longevity, Razer laptops offer gamers with high performance gaming peripherals that currently exists in the market.

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Yes, razer blades are cool, techy and pretty amazing but you should go for it only if ‘gaming’ is in your mind. If you are looking a laptop for school or work purpose, you should give this one a miss. The reason being, these laptops aren’t cheap and come at an exclusive price – what less can you expect from a portable PC that counts with Intel CPUs and the new Nvidia’s RTX technology.

Does Razer Blade Come with Potent Hardware?

Incorporated with newest and high-tech technology, everything in a Razer laptop is high-end that has the capacity to achieve those 60 FPS in major resolutions like 1440p or even 4k depending on the model. With Intel Core i7-8750H processor and wielding upto Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics, the build quality of almost every model is remarkable. This certainly implies that the cost of these laptops are unlikely to change even with years to come until of course new hardware launches into the market.

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Also, the fact that Razer is making these laptops means that the keyboard will be something out of this world, right? Yes, it’s true, the keyboard is made of a mechanical feel style and also it came with a potent and ominous RGB that helps to see every keycap without worrying about being in dark environments or just to say that you have a cool laptop unlike others, it’s a good opportunity to mess with your friends in this aspect.

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So, if you’re interested in exploring brand new laptops for your gaming experience, do check out Razer’s official store to see what’s on offer. Also, discover high-performing accessories that are known for ergonomics and comfort – here’s the link:

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