Here’s Why You Should Not Wear a Loose-Fit Mask

why you should not wear loose fit mask

Almost overnight, masks have become a necessity. Coronavirus has made people all over the world witness a global pandemic, leaving millions of lives affected by it.When it comes to safety measures, we have masks to our rescue.

Knowing how to wear masks properly does require correct, unbiased knowledge to stay safe amidst the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.It is vital to be familiar with the dos and don’ts of wearing a maskto stay safe and healthy. However, a common mistake people make these days is fidgeting with their masks, exposing them to viral infection.

The novel coronavirus is spread mainly through respiratory droplets, which can enter either through nose or mouth. While looking for the right mask, it is essential to carefully analyze all the options and choose one with maximum protection. You can order antiviral masks online which are more breathable than many other masks available.

By wearing a loose-fit mask, you are most likely to make the following mistakes:

Mistake 1: Keeping your nose uncovered

If your mask only covers your mouth, you’re wearing it wrong. It is because you breathe partially or entirely through the nose. So, there is a high chance of breathing in viral particles through your nostrils. Also, a mask worn only over the mouth will not contain droplets if you sneeze.

If a mask does not appropriately cover your nose and mouth, you are at a higher risk of contamination from the mask itself, which accumulates germs on its exterior. 

That is why your mask should cover more area than just the tip of your nose for optimal security. Place it on from the bridge of your nose to create the best protection possible. For complete protection, order antiviral mask online and avoid going out in public as much as possible.

Mistake 2: Constantly touching your mask

If your mask touches another body part that may be contaminated with the virus such as hair, forehead, hands, you are at risk for infection. When you wear a loose-fit mask, you will have to adjust it more often, thereby touching it with your hands. This is why wearing a right-fit mask is crucial.

Make this a rule to wash your hands and sanitize before putting your mask on. Once you place it correctly and you are out in public, strictly refrain from touching or adjusting it. When you’re not wearing it, do not leave it around your neck in case there was any infection.

Mistake 3: Removing your mask wrongly

While putting your mask on and taking your face mask off, you are advised not to touch the exterior of the mask, which may contain viruses. But when it is already loose fit, you might stretch it from the centre to pull it off.

Rather than touching the mask, CDC recommends grasping the mask by the ties or ear loops. Always wear a mask with sanitized hands and make sure you do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose after removing it off. Immediately wash your hands after doing so and store it in a separate space like a paper bag for safe disposal.

Buy Masks from a Reliable and Trusted Brand

You never know from where you would get affected with viruses by going out in public without safety equipment. Consider a good quality mask as a shield for protection against germs in the air. You can order antiviral mask online at the convenience of your home and get maximum protection against the viral spread.

Also, when you order antiviral mask online from reliable brands like Nirvana Being, you get masks that have the following features:

  • High Viral Filtration Efficiency
  • Super Low Breathing Resistance
  • Reusability for up to 60 days
  • Easy to wash
  • Made of natural, porous breathable fabric
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Nanotechnology filter
  • Bacterial filtration of 96%

Whichever mask you wear, you should know that a loose-fit mask is less effective in preventing you from spreading or catching virus-affected droplets.

The better way to stay safe is to order antiviral mask online of the right size. The more you abide by the rules to fight COVID-19, the more you can contribute to reducing the spread of this virus.

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