Reasons to Move to Myrtle Beach, SC – The Summer Destination


With its beautiful beaches and jaw-dropping golf courses, Myrtle Beach, SC ranks as the #1 summer destination. Earning the titles like “World’s Best Beach,” there’s much more to this beach city than you perceive.

With the median home value standing at about $160,000, the Grand Strand appeals to young professionals and retirees looking for new homes in Myrtle Beach. Still not convinced? Here are some of the reasons why you should move to Myrtle Beach.

Lower Cost of Living

Out of all the east coast beach resorts, the Grand Strand is the only one that offers affordable real estate prices.

Myrtle Beach has contemporary restaurants, theaters, and shopping centers, all at affordable prices. You need not drive more than 10 miles for anything, be it a visit to a doctor, attorney, or exuberant clubs!

Also, on average, a house in Myrtle Beach, SC will cost you about $180,000, lower than other cities of the country. The Grand Strand offers affordable homes, fitting all budgets.

Enjoyable Weather Conditions

Blessed with mild weather all year-round, this coastal city gets over 200 days of sunshine every year. The city’s average temperature is about 75 degrees. And then you have the ocean breeze to cool you down on any sunny day.

Fall and spring days are some of the most enjoyable days here; they draw those looking for new homes in Myrtle Beach.

Plenty of Entertainment Choices

Myrtle Beach hosts an array of festivals, like the Blue Crab Festival, Oktoberfest, the Beach Boogie and BBQ Festival, and Wine Fest.

The city appeals to its outdoorsy locals with state parks like Myrtle Beach State Park and Huntington Beach State Park, featuring hiking and biking trails. And how can you miss out on the beaches? You can indulge in fun activities like swimming, fishing, and sunbathing, spending warm days along the pristine shoreline.

Fondly called as “The Golf Capital of the World,” you will find several golf courses across the entire city, with some designed by golf legends like Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman.

The benefit of living in a tourist town, like Myrtle Beach, is that you can always find an attraction, compelling you to become a resident.

Excellent Employment Opportunities

There are nearly 75,000 area jobs, most of them dependent on tourism. If you wish to settle here, you can try your luck in this industry.

Also, the city has a large number of retirees, requiring sophisticated healthcare facilities. Hence, you have excellent prospects in the city’s healthcare industry.

Easy Commutation

It has an international airport serviced by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Spirit Airlines.

Cars make commutation in this beach destination fun and comfortable, with the city crisscrossed by several roadways. Also, you have several bus routes operated by Coast RTA. You have the Route 17 running north to south, connecting the Downtown area to neighborhoods like the North Myrtle beach.

The central area has pedestrian- and bike-friendly sidewalks for avid walkers and bike riders, making your commutation within city limits easier.

Myrtle Beach, SC ranks #1 as “Fastest Growing Places” among 125 metro areas in the U.S, based on the quality of life. Homeowners can enjoy low average property tax rates of 0.57%, alluring new home buyers to settle permanently in the Grand Strand.

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