Reasons You Should Enhance Your Email Security

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Email has become one of the most frequently used forms of communication in our digital age, but today’s email systems also present risk to users. The fact is email is still a prime source for cyber attacks.

According to a recent report, 76 percent of IT professionals say their organizations were the target of email phishing attacks in 2017. Roughly half of those were malware infections, which can spread through servers and disrupt an entire organization. Unfortunately, 38 percent of those surveyed reported a loss of data, which can pose serious problems for any business.

Lock down your data

It’s not just phishing attacks that businesses need to guard against, but also data breaches. Because so much data is kept in the cloud and on servers, they are an attractive target for hackers. If your company stores or passes data over the cloud or through emails, it is important to use extra security measures to adequately secure these targets from attack.

Guard against staff slack

If there is a Bring Your Own Device policy in the workplace, it is even more crucial that you apply extra security measures to guard emails. As an increasing number of employees take their work with them, they are using their personal smartphones to transfer company information and data. Importantly, employees use their devices for other habits, including surfing the web, shopping and accessing dating apps. All of which place the phone at higher risk of malicious attack. Moreover, over a quarter of smartphone owners don’t regularly update their security.

Importance of keeping email safe

There are a number of good reasons that organizations should guard their email communication.

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider ramping up your email security.

1. Email is where companies are most vulnerable: because there is so much email flowing in and over your servers any given day, it is one of the favorite tools of cyber criminals.

2. Email hacks can disrupt the workflow for the entire company. It can also be very costly. According to Microsoft, “the average total organizational cost of a data breach in the U.S. is $6.5 million, and an average of 250,000 malware variants are detected every day.”

3. Cyber criminals are constantly changing their means of email attacks. Thus, your software needs to be updated regularly. It is also recommended that you have more than one line of defence. “Because attackers are constantly developing more sophisticated methods, it is important that companies put extra elements of security in their email system,” data security expert Thierry LeVasseur said.

4. Get encryption. One of the best ways to assure your emails are secure is to use encryption technology.

Many big name companies have recently fallen prey to data breaches. The outcome is embarrassing and expensive. While no security system is fail proof, not having one – or failing to keep it updated – only leaves you and your company open to an expensive embarrassment in the future.

It can be so tempting for an individual to click that link or download that attachment. Cyber criminals are good at what they do and can make an email seem authentic. So, while your staff may be well-trained. It is better to be safe rather than sorry.

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