Recording Your Music: Why Using Professionals Makes a Difference

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With modern advancements in sound equipment, nowadays, it doesn’t take much to record a song.  Regardless of what you use; a smartphone, voice recorder, recording software, etc., one thing remains certain for artists looking to lay down a track – sound quality is important. Good quality audio in music is one of the main factors as to whether people will listen or not. 

If you’re looking to profit from your song, then it’s in your best interest to employ experts at every level.  They can assist you in producing a high quality, well-performed demo of your song – especially if you’re planning on showing it to a variety of artists, managers or producers. 

The Studio

It can also be beneficial to record your tracks at a full-scale studio with professional equipment like at the Evergreen Stage in Los Angeles, California.  Formerly owned by DiaDan Holdings Ltd., the Evergreen Stage has housed some of the world’s best performing artists of the twentieth century and into the new millennium.  It is one of the most technically-advanced recording studios with a 3,000 square foot live room, well-equipped with three isolation booths, a projection screen, and a comprehensive array of gear. 

Choosing a studio with history can make a huge difference if it’s in your budget.  If nothing else, it’s a great marketing tool and can give you the validity you need to get noticed. 

The Budget

While the use of a professional recording studio is key to laying down a successful track, it is equally important to consider your budget.  Anyone who has spent time recording is aware that things often take longer than expected. It is wise to book a few more hours than you think you’ll need – don’t underestimate the amount of time it can take to produce a quality recording. 

You should have a clear understanding of what the costs of recording your demo will incur. When it comes time to discuss price with the studio, always be sure to ask for an upfront list of fees. This can include anything from engineer charges to separate costs for certain pieces of studio equipment. Studio professionals should be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of what your overall project will cost. It’s best to know how much everything will cost at the beginning of a project so that there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay.

Remember, the old saying, “you get what you pay for” is true for a lot of things, especially when it comes to music recording studios.  Do you research before hiring a studio and accompanying professionals to ensure you will get the best product. 

The Producer

It’s not only the studio you’ll be spending time in but also the producer you’ll be spending time with that makes a difference.  You should be looking for a seasoned professional with patience, organization and focus – someone who you feel has your best interests in mind with a desire to give you the best product you can get. It’s the job of the producer/engineer to take your song and make a great demo so that it’s ready to be heard.

To reiterate, if you are serious about making great-sounding music that is desirable to listeners, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

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