Why Do I Keep Seeing Repeating Numbers aka Angel Numbers (111, 222, 333….)?

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Do you see repeating numbers while making big decisions, feeling happy, or feeling stressed out? Or do you see numbers repeating often, everywhere – on the clock, receipts, bills, license plates, billboards; so much so that it is now a part of your daily life experiences? I’m sure you must have wondered often, “Why do I keep seeing these repeating numbers”, “Do they hold any meaning” and if yes, “What do they mean or signify?”

Let us consider the importance of Numbers in general –

The renowned scientist and mathematician Pythagoras, yes, the one whose theorem a² + b² = c² you learned back in school had lots to tell about numbers. He was the one to distinguish odd and even numbers, prime and composite numbers and even gave birth to the school of thought that ‘All is number’ where each number has its own meaning and characteristics. It was Pythagoras and Pythagoreans (students of Pythagoras) who found numbers as a means to understand all the existing things.

Nevertheless, everything around our world revolves around numbers, whether it is money in the bank account, grades in school/college, temperature, license plates, government IDs, timings, medical reports etc etc etc. We cannot deny the importance of numbers in understanding the world around us. In fact, it is with the help of numbers and numerical relations that we are able to understand and interpret many of the physical phenomena of this universe.

Now that we find repeating number sequences in the measurements of celestial bodies, geometry and innumerable other dominions of the scientific world, these astonishing concurrences and co-incidences confirm numbers as a crucial groundwork of the universe. After all, numbers in a way show that there is balance in all things, and affirm that just like everything else in the universe, they too carry an energetic vibration.

So, what does it mean to see repeating numbers?

Well, when you see same numbers repeatedly and even notice that you are seeing repeating number sequences, it is more than just a coincidence. The reason being, these numbers are conveying a message to you.  Yes, it is the Universe’s way of communicating with you through some sort of code just like the Morse code. Now, to learn how to decode the Morse code, one must decipher those dots, same goes with these numbers.

Since these repeating number sequences are a celestial way of communicating with you, it is also called as Angel numbers. When you see them at just the ‘right’ moment, the Universe/guides/angel is calling you to discover the vibrational meaning of that number. They are hinting you to quiet your monkey mind and concentrate on those numbers, it’s meaning, purpose and the message it is trying to communicate. The more a number repeats in sequence (11.11, 222, 3333 etc) the more amplified its vibration is.

Each of the number from 0 to 9 has some meaning. From where their meanings come from is a big mystery, but the occult study of numbers dates back to thousands of years.

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Here we share the meaning of 0 to 9

To know more about these numbers, you can search the detailed meaning on Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers, Number Meaning from your Angels by Autumn Clifford and Repeating Numbers By Felicia Bender

The Meaning of Angel Numbers – Double, Triple and Quadruple

When you see repeating numbers in double, triple or quadruple, the meaning simply supercharges as the angel/guide/Universe try to communicate with you in signs, seeking your attention all at once.  To decipher the meaning of any two or three-digit angel number, you can get access to the Doreen Virtue’s angel number guide.

In case, you are looking for four digits repeating number sequences, mixed angel number sequences, a combination of numbers, you can find the meaning from the index of Angel Numbers by Joanne Sacred Scribes.

Lastly, no matter how these numbers appear, if you see the same numbers repeatedly or you keep on seeing the angel numbers regularly, the numbers are not only calling you but there is a reason for that inclination. There is surely a meaning behind it. Nevertheless, the Universe through numbers either gives you a ‘heads-up’ that you are on the right path or a warning that you need to clean up your messy thoughts and align with your sense of purpose.

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