Leila on Netflix: Into a Dystopian Future With Touches of Reality

Leila, a Netflix original, is a brilliant series which takes us into a dystopian future with touches of reality.

With six power packed episodes the web series does not fail to scare us at every turn as it unfolds the horrors that the future of fascism holds for us.

Though it is based in the fictitious land of Aryavart, the parallels drawn with today’s ongoings are uncanny.

I was particularly fascinated by the way they showed how children were brainwashed into believing the constant propaganda that is played over the loudspeakers and the turn of fortune in which the maid becomes a Lady and the Lady becomes a Shram Dal Sevak.

The series also plays upon the thin lines between what one thinks is right for the entire society versus the freedom of every individual to decide what is right for themselves.

It brushes up slightly on the notion of “Revolutionary versus Terrorism” and leaves us to decide what we would consider is right.

It would be ridiculous to even think for a moment that the series is not based on the current version of events extrapolated to what they might lead to in 2047, or even sooner.

It’s a heavy series though and it has every potential of offending your senses or atleast bringing you back to your senses, if that can happen.

The end keeps you wanting for more and I do hope they come with a second season before the fictional Aryavart becomes a reality, so that we can watch it while it’s still allowed 😉

Give it a watch it you can.

The post was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

Disclaimer: Jai Aryavart 😛🙏

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