Rich God Vs Poor God

Source - Jyoti Pandalai
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The other day, I was forced to take my mom to a temple. Yes, a place where ‘The GOD‘ supposedly resides.

Source - Jyoti Pandalai
Source – Jyoti Pandalai

Last time I remember entering into a holy shrine on my father’s shoulders. Though the memories are bleak, I remember walking 14 km uphill. Nevertheless, it was more of an adventure trip than a pilgrimage.

Sometimes, I wonder, how many homes does ‘he’ have. It has to be in billions, perhaps trillions.

Let Me Share With You My Meeting With God Set Up By a Priest

Meeting God at his own place is not that easy – First of all you have to struggle to park your car, then if you find one slot, gear up to take on the street hawkers, for all they want from you is to buy something to please the Almighty. Once, you get over these things, only then you can head straight to the temple, the God’s abode!

Next, find a place to take off your slippers, or if they provide a place take the coupon and move on, but you can never be sure to get your loved slippers back, so make sure to bid them Goodbye, just in case. Yes, though the world is protected by the God his own place of residence is surrounded by crooks, robbers, thief and what not.

Ok, coming back to my story – once I finished all the above customary things, I reluctantly got into the queue which appeared like an endless line of devotees, from all walks of life. Waiting almost for a lifetime, I entered the temple’s main area. However, instead of being at peace all I could see was, people pushing each other to get a better view of the almighty. Yes, I wasn’t the only one who was called for a meeting.

The Sanskrit mantras that the priests were chanting was more or less Greek to me. Yet, it was a pleasant relief from the pushing and fighting that I faced while standing in the queue for more than an hour or so. And then when I got a chance to get a glimpse of the almighty, I was shell shocked. Yes, by the reckless display of wealth showered on Him.

He was dressed in beautiful clothes, which were specially imported from London. He was handsomely sitting on a 22 ct Gold throne with gems studded crown to complement him. Not to forget, there were plenty of sweets and flowers all around him.What a Life he leads, I thought – Pampered to the core!

People were still fighting each other to get a better glimpse of him.To our surprise, we were approached by a priest who for a princely sum of 20 bucks was offering us a better view of the idol ahead of the line for full 3 minutes. Bribe in the temple? banged my grey cells on to the other. Never had I thought a bribe could make me get a better view of the Rich God who resided in the rich temple where priest asked money. A pitiable state of affairs indeed!

Never mind, I finally managed to get rid of the mess and made a safe and unharmed exit, feeling as I have come out victorious from a war.

Do you Know How The God Was Created By Man?

In ancient times when people submitted themselves to the King, the most feared man of his area, each of his subject feared the King.Then out came a wise man from the masses and thought there is no one on Earth whom the King feared or was subjected to..Let me make up a person who can instill a sense of fear in The King – There by The God was created to make The King Accountable for His deeds.This is how the God was created by Men.

We want the Almighty to fulfill each of our wishes and fantasies, from good marks in the exam to our dream of becoming rich, in the matters of Love and Relationship to acquiring peace and Salvation. And few even remembers ‘Him’ in times of adversity. Yes, there are people who are this good at multitasking when it comes to begging from God.

Well, we all want Him to set right every mess that has been created in this world for us. But did you ever wonder – Why can’t the God, the most benevolent straighten all the crooked things which is going right under his nose, at his own residence?

I would like to take the liberty to ask one question to all the God fearing/loving people:

What can you give to a person to whom you owe everything, except Gratitude??

This question is not for atheist because all their success is credited to their sleepless nights and sweaty days

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