Lend a Voice !!! Lend Your Support !!! Save Aarey Forest

Lend a Voice !!! Lend Your Support !!! #GheuntakAarey !!!

The BJP led Maharashtra Government has been rattled by a handful of Mumbaikars.

Shaken by the support that the ” Save Aarey Forest “ campaign has received the Government has given a full page advertisement in newspapers trying to obfuscate the campaign, by attempting to deflect the aim of the campaign.

The “bold” advert funded by the Government makes claims about how the “Aarey Milk Colony” is not a forest and how it does not have any wildlife.

We all know what balderdash this is.

Aarey Forest is the only green patch left in the otherwise concrete jungle of Mumbai. The “Lungs of Mumbai” as they say and the people of Mumbai want to retain it.

This protest is not a knee-jerk reaction as the Government wants others to believe, this battle to save Aarey has been going on since more than 6 years. Its not like people woke up 6 days ago and started protesting.

The only political party which has stood up to #SaveAarey has been the Shiv Sena, and this is much appreciated.

But, with the Government putting up pressure and using its power for nefarious purposes to derail this campaign, it is imperative that all Political class, who have an iota of love for Mumbai, stand up, not only in their personal capacities but also in the Political and OFFICIAL capacities and lend support to this campaign against deforestation of Aarey with all their might and the power given to them by the citizens of Maharashtra.

You guys have the power and the authority to stop this massive destruction of the last bit of greenery in Mumbai!!!

While nobody is against the construction of the Metro Shed (they can construct in anywhere else), it is unfathomable why the Government is insistent and almost adamant on destroying Aarey Forest to build it.

Does the BJP led Government of Maharashtra not want to listen to the pleas of the people of Mumbai?

Can they not find a single piece of land in Mumbai other than a Forest Area?

Does the BJP Government plan to steam roll the wishes of the people to satisfy the pockets of their Corporate friends??

Haven’t they been elected by our votes, to represent us?? So why are they not listening to our voices?

It is now left to see if the BJP led Maharashtra Government is by the people, of the people and for the people…..

OR it is by the funding of Corporates, of the cronies of Corporates and for the profits of Corporates.

Disclaimer: This is a humble request to all my friends to come out strongly in support of the ” Save Aarey Campaign ” and do your bit from wherever you are.

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