Jallikattu Fans, Time To Save The Farmers of Tamil Nadu!

Image Courtesy: Inkfreezer.com
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Hey Tamilians !!!

Yes, you guys, the same ones who protested against the ban on JalliKattu !!

Remember how you had outraged when you weren’t allowed to hold your bull fights, because it was your tradition?

And do you remember how tens of thousands of you had come down on the street to protest against this “atrocious verdict” against your people? And do you remember how you had cheered when you became victorious?

Remember how even the Filmstars and all the bigwigs of all Industries had joined hands to save Jallikattu?

Good !!! Just wanted to refresh your memory and see if you still remember how to outrage and protest.

Because, the farmers from your state are currently sleeping naked in Delhi.

Image Courtesy: Inkfreezer.com

Yes, the same farmers who grow crops to feed you …. and your bulls, so that you can play Jallikattu. The same farmers who are committing suicide by the dozen because they are not getting any relief packaged from the Center.

Is farming not your tradition? Is farming not as important a part of your culture as Jallikattu was? Are the lives and livelihoods of farmers not as valuable as your freedom to play catch-catch with a Bull?? So where is your outrage now?

Why are no voices coming out in the favor of the farmers? Are you oblivious to the plight of those Farmers who are ready to go to the extremes of sleeping naked on the streets so that they can get through their lives peacefully?

Do you think that these farmers who are humiliating and degrading themselves don’t deserve your support?

Or is your outrage restricted to only superficial traditions rather than things that really matter?

Come on Tamilians !!! Wake Up !!! Get your priorities right…. There are much bigger battles to be fought and your support is needed for all of them.

Disclaimer: I do not believe that the protest against JalliKattu ban was a manufactured one and it would be great to see this being proved right….. Save The Farmers !!!

The article was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his facebook timeline

Thanks Vishal Bijon for highlighting this.

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