How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts: The Ultimate Guide

No one could have expected social media to evolve into the entity that it currently is. It has become the go-to channel for everything from business to social life and everything in-between. With the attention on social media so heavy, it is important to know how to keep your accounts secure.

Most smartphone users wouldn’t dare use their devices without ensuring they are secure. Social media accounts should be treated with the same level of care. There is too much personal information available for criminals to use, so you need to keep your accounts safe. Your data has never been more vulnerable. But you have many options to keep it secure.

Securing Social Media Accounts 101

There are plenty of different ways you can improve the security of your social media accounts. Some platforms will have specific things you need to consider. But some guidelines apply to all accounts.

Use Strong Passwords

A lot of people still like to choose and remember all their passwords. It is fine if you know how to create a strong password. And, of course, you can remember it. After all, you need a mixture of symbols, numbers, and lowercase and uppercase characters to start making it secure. It can end up being difficult and frustrating for some people, not to mention impossible to remember.

Your password is the gateway to your social media accounts, and you must do everything you can to keep those accounts private. Having a strong password is a great start, but there is even more that you can do to protect yourself. You can find more information here:

Never Reuse Any of Your Passwords

So, you created a strong password. And you can remember it, congrats. But now create 50 more passwords and remember which one unlocks a particular social media account. A bit more challenging, huh?

That is the reason why so many people still reuse passwords. Which is pretty much the biggest password mistake after using ‘password’ as your password. Never reuse passwords because if one account gets hacked or leaked in a data breach, your all accounts will be in danger. Don’t give cybercriminals so much power over you.

Take Advantage of Password Managers

Password managers are available to make following both previous tips easier for you. You don’t have to remember all the passwords; one will be enough. They will also generate passwords for you and store them securely. These passwords will be nearly impossible to crack, and the best managers will also change them consistently. You can download an iOS password manager to your smartphone, use a browser extension, or install password manager software on your PC.

Use Two-Factor Authentication and Biometrics

The latest trend to emerge in password security is two-factor authentication. It is an excellent security feature that will add an extra step while logging into your accounts. It could consist of a few different things. The most straightforward 2FA systems will pair your mobile phone number with your account and text you an authentication code to verify it is you logging in.

Newer devices are also including biometrics such as fingerprints, voice, and facial scans that will identify the individual. These factors are tough to duplicate and add yet another layer of security to your social media accounts. Make sure to take advantage of any biometric security technology you have available.

Securing Facebook Accounts

Facebook is going to have its own unique set of security features, and issues that you must be aware of. To keep your account secure only starts with having a strong password. This platform also allows for two-factor authentication, and you should take advantage of it.

Then the security comes down to the use of Facebook accounts:

  • Decline any unknown friend requests and keep your profile set to private or friends-only.
  • Don’t share personal information. Hackers can use it for security questions or identity theft.
  • Don’t play any quizzes on Facebook as they tend to harvest user data.
  • Make sure to check the connected accounts and activity log every now and then. Any suspicious active sessions should alert you of security issues.

Securing Instagram Accounts

Instagram is becoming the go-to social media platform for many young people. Thus, you must learn how to keep people from getting into your account. As with Facebook, you can enable two-step authentication to add an extra layer of security to your account.

What makes Instagram slightly different is the ability to run third-party apps. You want to periodically go through your allowed apps and make sure you get rid of any that you don’t use. These apps have certain permissions to access your data, and the less power they have, the less chance there is of having a security risk.

Security is the New Standard

Gone are the days where you can have basic passwords and lackadaisical security on your devices and accounts. You have to assume that there are always people looking to access your data and social media accounts, because, let’s face it, there most likely is. Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and you must protect yourself.

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any of the other major social media platforms, there is always a risk that comes with it. So take extra precautions. Set up a secure password manager and take advantage of two-factor authentication. You never know what a criminal could do with your personal information, and it is better that you never have to find out.

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