Setting Up Your New Home

Moving to a new home is often exciting when relocating to a new property. When it comes to getting settled during the transition, there are many different steps to take to cover all of your bases and make it a smooth process. If you’re preparing for a move, there are a few steps to setting up your new home to make it functional.

Change Your Mailing Address

It’s important to have all of your mail forwarded to your new address to avoid having lost mail after moving. Contact the post office to request having all of your mail forwarded for at least one month until all of your contact information is updated with your contacts and various accounts. You won’t have to worry about losing important bills or notifications that you receive once you leave your old property. Forwarding your mail will give you enough time to update everyone of your new address.

Set Up Your Utilities

You’ll need to set up the utilities in your new home to ensure you have all of the resources that you need as you begin to live in the house. Most companies will allow you to open a new account before moving in to ensure you have energy, water, and gas the day that you move into the building. Research Alberta power companies to find the best option and compare various rates and plans when shopping around.

Update Your Address on Your Accounts

It’s important to update your new address on your various accounts to avoid potential issues and to ensure you can be contacted. You’ll need to add your new address to your credit card accounts, bank account, and even with your employer. You can also inform your family members and friends of your new address to ensure you continue to receive their mail. Consider sending out a postcard announcing your move with your updated info.

Perform a Thorough Cleaning

The house that you move into should be comfortable to ensure you can relax and feel right at home. It’s easier to perform this step before you move all of the belongings in to avoid having to clean around moving boxes. Scrubbing out the dust and debris of the former residents can allow the space to feel like your own. Bring your favorite cleaning scents and candles to make it feel fresh indoors.

Change the Locks

You can protect yourself and increase the security on your property by changing the locks on the building. Although you may trust the former owners of the home, you don’t want them to have access to the building in the future, and you may also be unaware if they ever gave a copy of the key to anyone.

Hire the Right Professionals

It’s normal to have repairs that need to be made on the home from time to time, which can often occur right after you move. You’ll want the numbers of local handymen or electricians to ensure you can fix issues that develop on the property. Consider asking your neighbors for recommendations to ensure you can rely on professionals you can trust. You may also need help from a professional with mounting your television to the walls, installing new light fixtures, or assembling furniture that you’ve purchased.

Unpack the Necessities

It can take several days and weeks to unpack all of your personal belongings, which can make it challenging to find items that you need right away. Start by unpacking the necessities to ensure you have essential items on hand. You’ll need toiletries, clothing, bedding, cookware, and chargers for your devices. Consider packing the necessities in a few boxes to make everything easy to find. You can also assemble and make your bed the first day that you arrive to ensure you can sleep well the first night without using an air mattress or sleeping on the couch.

Knowing what it takes to set up your new home will allow you to feel more comfortable and at ease, as you begin to unpack. With the right steps taken, it can be easier to enjoy the space and avoid potential issues.

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