The Six Pack Abs Diet Strategy

Six pack abs are not that difficult to build if you are determined enough and are enthusiastic about the whole process. Besides, if you hit the gym regularly and perform the required exercises, you can achieve great results. And add to it proper nutrition, your goal will be achieved in record time.

So, in order to get rid of fat accumulated over many years, if you include the following products in your diet, and stick to healthy drinks only, it will facilitate the whole process of pumping the press –

Cottage cheese

You must include protein in your fat-burning diet. Without it, pumping up the press can turn into a disaster. Cottage cheese is the perfect choice to fill the vacuum in the stomach. However, when you buy cottage cheese ensure that it is without salt. The problem being, consuming more sodium retains water in your body, creating temporary fluid weight gain in the body.


If you are really passionate about getting 6-pack abs by losing those belly fats, you need to replace your sugary breakfast cereal with eggs. An indispensable product, eggs will be able to give you the exact amount of protein and amino acid required by your body. Besides, now that eggs have the capacity to control your appetite, you eat fewer calories during the day as opposed to breakfast that comprises of bread and cereals.


With mineral fibers and vitamins, apples keep you fit. Besides, it does not contain fat and is also low in calories. One of the best function of this fruit is that it has antioxidant polyphenols, which prevents your body from storing fat.

Coconut Oil

Of course, none of us leans over lunch or dinner on the coconut oil. Although, this would be a very good habit to come in handy as coconut oil consists of triglycerides. The high concentration of healthy fats, the lauric acid helps in boosting metabolism when used in foods, making it an ideal product for inflating the press in record time.

Oatmeal without sugar

Oatmeal is the perfect balance between calories and nutritional value per gram of food. A bowl of porridge contains about 150 calories, and rice or baked potatoes at 216 and 180 calories respectively. If oatmeal without sugar isn’t something your throat likes then sprinkle it with some natural vanilla, cinnamon, or add a spoonful of honey.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter has two benefits: 1. It contains a lot of healthy fats and 2. It quickly fills your body. Having used only two tsp peanut butter, you’re easy to quench your hunger. By the way, this food product is a magic combination of porridge.


Cartoon sailor Popeye definitely knew what he must eat to be fit and lean. Spinach contains a tremendous amount of useful substances including folic acid, manganese, beta-carotene, vitamin K, lutein (pigment which improves vision), magnesium, and huge amounts of antioxidants, natural protein, which directly plays an important role in the formation of an ideal press – the six-pack abs that which you want!

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