Soft Skills: The Key to Corporate Excellence & Effective Communication at Global Workplace

The article on Soft Skills is symbolic to corporate excellence and effective communication at global workplace.

Once upon a time in Indian landscape there used to live a neorich individual called Muktikant. He was actually a party pooper. Since he was substantially rich, he was socially addicted to alcohol. In a marigold evening, he was absolutely drunk and was about to drive his car. He met a stunning lady at the valet parking of the club where he was a premium member. The lady for a piece of cigar and he offere. After that they got introduced to each other and the lady asked Muktikant whether he likes to have some fun. Then both went to the residence of the lady and had some more pegs of scotch.

In the morning when Mukti wake up, he had a guilt consciousness because, last night he forgot to communicate to his wife who might have been waiting to dine out. He was in a crux. Thought anyway I couldn’t be disloyal to my wife. Let me tell the truth. But how? Communication mess back again! So he then asked for some talcum powder and went home.

Before ringing the calling bell, he rubbed off all the powder and pushed. Wife came out in blues and shouted like anything. But Mukti told all the truth without showing both his powder packed palms. His wife was blinking all through the conversation and asked Mukti to show his hands because the body language seemed to be unusual.

After that the wife again shouted, “You cheat, you have played snooker whole night and telling a lie to me. Go and take a shower, I would prepare your coffee.” Ha! Ha! The moral of the story is about change. We would also discuss something about soft skills and communication. There is an urge to communicate as per the situation. Sometimes truth and many a time white lies in corporate dynasty.

Change the Only Constant

Change is obvious because it is a way of adopting. You can find out a brilliant way of handling situations in several unique ways of doing rather than resorting to a traditional approach. Change can make things simpler, more profitable and also in general assist millennial citizens to achieve a better learning on how things work and be able to adapt to the VUCA environment.


Do you desire for career advancement in your professional life? Rejuvenation starts in the mind & soul. If you can change your orthodox mindset, you can change your modern lifestyle and would be able to recharge yourself.

The only rescuer who can radically change your mind is “You+”, No metamorphosis can occur until & unless you give a national permit. However, you might require some professional consulting in finding out “How” to change your mind and your life. This is just a miracle to happen ahead.

Your brain is such a powerhouse that whatever you store in it will radical affect your whole sustainable livelihood. If you firmly think that you cannot be the change agent, then you are absolutely right. But, if you believe that you’ve got scintillating talent available to you, then you are probably even more correct.

Personal branding & human change both are internal as well as external. It starts with a changed mindset and ends with betterment. In truth, its struggle for existence. But for noticeable transformation to happen, we go through retrospection like green boot camp.

Soft  Skills: Sailent Features and Advantages

Soft Skills are highly essential skills; capabilities and a characteristic that is concerned with one’s sophisticated personality, a way of feeling and thinking, and behavior. These are inherent characteristics that pertain to a person’s capability to gel well effectually with others. Simply put, it is all about your internal empathy. Empathy is not restricted to workplace, but, in fact, it is vital in many folds of life.


What Industry Demands:

Skill sets you should possess:

o              Vocal and B/W communication skill

o              Critical approach to thinking

o              Conflict-solving resourcefulness

o              Ability to work profitably in and outside team

What Our Disciples Desire:

  • Meaningful livelihood
  • Competitive plus point in today’s economy
  • Rendezvous with Soft Skills

Gravity of Soft Skills:

Soft skills are too cardinal:

  • To handle communal relations.
  • To take well-timed decisions.
  • To correspond effectively and uncomplicatedly.
  • To have good sway and impact to gain professional ontogenesis.

Conversation skill as soft skill:

  • Revelation skills form the key ingredient of soft skill.
  • Every civilized being has to naturally & persuasively be in touch with others.
  • Operative link is the style statement & endorsement of one’s learnedness.
  • The ability to speak interestingly using the appropriate word in the right manner is a good communication

Thus we can conclude the cross-cultural communication is the order to the day. It’s like mother’s delicacies and father’s delights. So Bang! Bang!

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