Solo Woman Traveller : 5 Tips You Need to Know if You Plan to Travel by a Bus

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Whether travelling is your hobby or a compulsion, if you are travelling for the first time in a bus as a solo woman traveller here are certain tips and precautions to follow

Book Your Tickets online on Redbus or MakeMyTrip

Book your Tickets either on or instead of booking it from the travel agencies’ website. State Transport bus may not be there in these two website, so in that case you’ll have to check the State transport website. For example if you plan to take a KSRTC bus from Bangalore to Pondicherry or Mumbai to Bangalore, simply go to the KSRTC website.

Make Sure You Select Your Gender while booking

In any bus if you book a ticket as a solo woman traveller, the adjacent seat automatically becomes a lady’s seat. So, make sure you select the gender Female while booking instead of the default ‘Male’.


In KSRTC and other state transport buses, you’ll have to search buses using the ‘Single Lady Option’ right at the start when you search for buses failing which the seat next to you will be available for men as well –  even if you enter the Female option later. However, in case you do not find a single lady seat available then book the general seat but ensure that you book the adjacent seat and not the window seat. In that case only female will be allowed next to you at the window seat.

Get Deals and Discounts on Mobile Apps

To get deals and discounts ensure that you book your travel from the Mobile Apps of the websites mentioned above. You’ll always get some discounts and the price of the ticket will

Choose Buses that Are Safe and Reliable – Check the Reviews

Before you book always check the review of the bus agency. VRL and SRS travels are two of the best if you plan to travel in the West or South India. They cover quite a lot of places and are safe as well as reliable.

Always Take the Front Seat When you travel in a Bus

This is quite personal, but i always book the front seat. It not only has lot of leg space in the front but also allows one to stretch their leg comfortably. In addition, you are the first one to get out of the bus so no waiting in the Toilet queue.

Last but not the least, always carry a jacket and a stole in all the seasons if you Travel anytime in the Volvo buses.

Happy Travelling Girls!

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