Who is a Soul Mate? How to Identify a Soul Mate – 4 Hints!

In this universe, there are mainly two types of relationships – One that you put yourself in and one that the God (the nature, the metaphysical force) puts you in. This is the reason why there are relationships where in spite of being together for years you do not connect easily, but then there are relationships where you connect with the person from the moment you meet him/her.

You feel an instant connect, an attraction that makes you feel that you have known this person from ages. This, my dear is none other than your soul mate.

Who Is a Soul Mate?

A Soul Mate is your soul betterhalf, the one with whom you share a soul level connection – The bond that has many aspects, that which includes the feeling of love (not necessarily the man-woman love) and compassion along with a sense of recognition as the association simply precedes the present lifetime.


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Contrary to the general belief, a soul mate is not the person whom you love, eventually, marry and live happily ever after because in regards to the extents and magnitudes of the soul there can never be one outcome or one absolute perspective. Nevertheless, the soul is boundless and lives in the territory of infinite potentials and possibilities.

The soul mate often aids as a facilitator for change and so the meeting is nothing less than abundance in their soul partners life with innumerable growth opportunities. Therefore, it is very important to identify your soul mate and also realize the fact that change and growth brought by them can be really very beneficial in your life.

The Following are the 5 Identifiers – The Keys to Unlock Your Door to Your Soul Mate Shared by an Expert Valerie Alexander of Love Psychic

The Immediate Connection

Between soul mates often there is a feeling of instant connect and sometimes even love. This challenges logic and practicality as you do not even know the person. Interestingly, on certain levels you two will recognize each other but consciously you might not be able to understand or comprehend it. It is not necessary that the two partners feel the closeness and familiarity at the same time. However, the person who recognizes his soul mate later than his/her partner often remembers all the moments precisely like what happened when.

The Strong Magnetism Between the Soul Mate

Irrespective of the nature of your relation, soul mates are drawn to each other like magnets. Yes, you would want to be with your soul mate and vice versa. This according to the experts who have studied and researched claims to happen because of synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) – As if fate simply introduced you to each other and is now working to get things along. This magnetism some time might taper off for a short period of time to allow growth and introspection. However, in times of separation, if one can be balanced and still, it is possible to feel the other person, no matter how much the distance is involved.

The Intensity, the Force, the Power

The soul level connection and bond is not temporary but has the potential for expansive and vast growth. However, when these opportunities of growth are sidelined, neglected or ignored due to an overwhelming focus on the other person, a certain intensity builds up which can lead to a short term separation and also a certain decrease in attraction. But, getting back in balance, rebuilding the bond with oneself by focusing on self-growth can once again renew and resurrect the flow of connection.

Sacrifice Too Is Involved Here

However what you sacrifice is something that is no longer in use and very old. For instance, a lifestyle, rigid outlook of love, an outgrown storyline of who you are, negative beliefs etc. The soul mate will somehow bring all these timeworn ways to the edge by triggering them. No, it won’t be expressively written with a note and then attached to a bouquet of flowers.

The bond of soul mate is indeed the best relationship one can ever have in their lifetime as it has the ability to transform the journey of life happily and positively. No wonder, they as our boosters become our partners in some of the most joyous moments of life, and then also shield us from some of the worst fears.

This is the reason why they are the only ones who know some of the deepest secrets about you. Nevertheless, the reward of a soul mate is very high as one is neither lonely nor have to navigate the path of life alone. So, if you have already met your soul mate, cherish the journey, enjoy the path and never let them go. If not, let nature find him/her for you. 

Have you met your soul mate? If yes, do share your identifiers with us. We would be glad to know about more such experiences.

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