Four Basic Sources for Writing University/College Essays

If you want to write an essay that stands out, you need to know about how to gather the information. If your essay/essays needs to show how you got your facts, this portion of writing the paper will be necessary. Professionals at essay writing services state that providing a list of sources makes it easier to substantiate the material.

The following list will help you to write your own paper with more authority.

1. The Library

The library is the main source used by many students when gathering research. Today, the old card catalogue is no longer a way to look up materials. The computer is used to find materials on fairly recent topics. However, if you wish to write an essay about the Civil War, you may need to hunt deeper into the archives. If so, you need to ask the librarians if they have some other archival system.

If you use the library’s computer, you generally can follow some easy instructions that permit you to search by a source’s title, author, and topic. Many of these searches are cross-referenced. If you already know the author or title, you can search under these two specific categories. You may also find what you need by looking under the topic category, which can offer a great deal of information about the books that you will need for writing and research.

The subject heading classification permits you to place keywords into the system so you can find just the exact books for your essay. Whilst the keywords may relate to the subject of the essay, they may not be part of the thesis statement. Also, look at the call numbers associated with the books you are searching. You can go directly to the section in the library and find a great many books on your topic.

When looking up books, keep in mind to avoid books that may be biased or written by a person who may not have a broad or objective interpretation of the subject. Also, find out if the book’s author agrees or disagrees with your thesis statement.

2. Periodicals

Periodicals can also be used as research for essays. You can choose from professional journals and general interest publications. You can get information from older periodicals by accessing the microfiche machine in the library. Ask the library for help in using the equipment.

3. The Internet

If you contact essay writing services and have your essays written by one of these places, the essay writer you contract with will usually refer to the web for research. The author can research from home or from the library. Whilst researching on the Internet can be helpful, you still need to be aware of the disadvantages. For example, authors who are contacted through an essay writing service must be careful about the sources extracted from the web.

Some of the information can be incorrect. The author should obtain information form a recognized source, preferably one that is governmental or news-based. If you use essay writing services, make sure that the author is sure the source is credible. If he or she is not sure, tell him or her not to use the source.

4. Reference Books

You can also get a good deal of information for essays from reference books. These books may include general encyclopedias and specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries.

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