5 Reasons Why Beaches in South Goa are Attracting Many Tourists in 2019

For generations, Goa has been a preferred tourist destination for Indians. With casinos being legal and liquor prices being lowest in the country, it will not be far fetched to say that Goa provides a Las Vegas-like experience to Indians. At the same time, Goa has a good number of temples and churches. These places of religious worships attract older family members. The beautiful shopping places such as the flea markets and night markets appeal to women of all age groups. But, if there is one thing in Goa that caters to the interests of all the groups mentioned above of tourists, it is the beaches.

Goa is categorized as North and South. North Goa is known as the livelier part of town, one that has a more active nightlife. The identity of South Goa is its serenity and beautiful beaches. Now the entire stretch of South Goa spans over more than 30km in length. It is made up of numerous beaches, both small and large. Out of those, we can’t pinpoint any particular one as the best beach in South Goa. This year, we see a good number of tourists being attracted to the beaches of South Goa. This article talks about five reasons that are responsible for the same.

Favourable weather conditions

Post the month of October, Goa dons the form of paradise. For most tourists, travelling in the monsoon is a challenge. Goa, on the other hand, takes up its most gorgeous form during the monsoon. Tourists vouch that nothing is as relaxing as walking along the beaches of South Goa when it is drizzling.

With October being just around the corner, 2019 is seeing tourists flocking to Goa in large numbers. With pleasant weather throughout the day and light drizzling in the evenings, Goa offers the perfect romantic getaway for couples of all ages. As the beaches of South Goa are scarcely populated, they are preferred over the ones of North Goa.

Good food

Goa is a land of culture, and the same is evident in the food that will be served in the restaurants along the beaches of South Goa. No matter how sad you are, the cuisine of Goa is bound to uplift your mood. A delight for non-vegetarians, Goan food involves seafood prepared with love and knowledge of local culinary secrets. Fish Recheado, Prawn Balchao, and Goan Fish Curry are the most popular dishes.

Fenny is the most popular alcoholic beverage. The shacks along the beaches of South Goa are known to provide the most authentic Goan food. For the modern generation of tourists going the extra mile to get an authentic taste of good food is no big deal. In such a situation, the food itself is a major attraction of South Goa.

Bike rides

South Goa is a stretch of more than 35km and the entire area is filled with beaches. There are a number of options of hiring a bike in Goa and setting out on a fascinating ride along south Goa. That way, you will be able to stop just when you want to and take in the beauty of nature in a manner that is the most feasible for you. The rental bikes are available in a pretty cheap rate and are possible for you, irrespective of whether you are travelling solo or as a couple.

For larger groups, there is the option of hiring rental cars. With roads marked, the chances of getting lost are pretty bleak even if the internet connectivity on your phone gives away. Today, millennials constitute a significant chunk of the tourists visiting any place. With this mode of rental vehicles giving them the freedom they seek, the beaches of south Goa becomes the preferred travel destination for such people. For adventure seekers, south Goa also offers the luxury of all-terrain vehicle (or ATV) rides.

Water sports

The beaches of South Goa have the right amount of water sports activities to offer. For those who like to experience freedom on the sea, water skiing and water scooter rides are available in most of the beaches here. The Betalbatim beach is one of the best beaches in South Goa in terms of offering the option of banana boat rides. South Goa is also one of the best places in India for indulging in scuba diving activities. If you are fond of the less hectic water activities, South Goa will not disappoint you.

This includes dolphin watching and bird watching activities wherein a boat takes you to parts of the sea where chances of spotting them are higher. Irrespective of whether you prefer indulging in water sports activities alone or being in a group is what you prefer, the water sporting activities of South Goa will have something in store for you. With more sporting centres coming up along the beaches of South Goa in the later part of 2019, this will be one of the primary reason for tourists flocking to this place.

Carnivals and Beach Festivals

Introduced by the Portuguese, the Goa carnival is celebrated in the month of February. Here, the festivities go on for four full days. During this time, the rich tradition and culture are showcased to the tourists. There is merriment in the air and pomp, and entertainment takes over the stage. The preparation for this gala event is worth watching, and that attracts tourists as well.

Another everyday activity in Goa that is gaining popularity is that of getting inked. Goa has some of the best tattoo professionals in the country, and that ensures that you can get some really intricate designs done here. In fact, a lot of people visit the beaches of South Goa in order to get themselves inked in the nearby tattoo stores. With the December of 2019 nearing, there is also an increased excitement surrounding the three-day Sunburn Festival. This music, dance and shopping fiesta is another reason why people are planning to visit Goa in the coming months.

Across the country, every friend group would have planned a Goa trip once in a while. Such is the popularity of Goa as a tourist destination that making it here is a milestone for the Indian youth. With the above reasons, you now see why South Goa attracts more tourists than other parts of the city. Thus, if you have been thinking of visiting the beaches of Goa for some time now, you have five more reasons to buckle up and do it as soon as possible. The beaches of South Goa will not disappoint, and you will have a lifetime experience there.

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