Steel Solutions for Safety in the Workplace

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If you are an employer, you will not need to be reminded of the strict laws and regulations regarding safety in the workplace and steel solutions are ideal for many fixtures and fitting that would be required in an outdoor working environment. Steel is both strong and non-corrosive and here are just some of the ways that steel is used in the make-up of a typical industrial working area.

Steel Staircase Kits

They can be ordered online and are ideal for access to a mezzanine floor and with the minimum of effort, the staircase can be assembled and installed. If you would like to view a wide range of steel outdoor stair kits, a Google search is all it takes to find a leading Australian supplier of custom steel products at affordable prices. If your facility is of an irregular shape, the supplier can custom build the kit to ensure a perfect fit.

Anti-Slip Products

Steel staircases can be slippery when wet and you can order special anti-slip tape that you apply on the stair treads, keeping your workers safe. The tape comes in a range of widths and it is durable and long-lasting and will ensure no one slips on the steel staircase.

Stainless Steel Stanchion Posts and Barriers

These are essential when preparing an above-ground area for use and provide support in the form of balustrades and railings. Platform posts and corner units are combined with stainless steel barriers that slip neatly into prepared sockets, making for a safe barrier and if you would like to see a range of steel safety products, Google is your best friend and can take you to the website of a leading Australian supplier. Here is some information about franchises for beginners, which are becoming popular in Australia.

Half-Height Tubular Steel Gates

These simply swing open and can be locked, while they are self-closing for safety reasons and the online supplier can create bespoke solutions for your warehouse, whatever the configuration. These units enable you to zone off areas that are rarely used and they come with a full installation kit along with fixing instructions.

Safety Bollards

Whether surface fixed or in-ground posts, you can view a range of safety bollards from the online supplier and they come in a range of colours that include bright yellow and fluorescent orange. It might be necessary to fit bollards that can be unlocked and folded down, opening the gap temporarily, the online supplier has all the solutions when it comes to steel safety products.

The Risk of Non-Compliance

As you know only too well, the Australian government take safety in the workplace very seriously and any company that is non-compliant would have to pay a heavy fine and it simply isn’t worth taking the risk. State departments often send out officers to inspect factories and warehouses, so it is vital that your facility complies with all the rules and regulations that are in place.

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