The Negative Impact of Stress on Your Look & Physical Appearance!

Stress is the trash of modern life, we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.” ― Danzae Pace

No doubt, the human body is very well tailored to deal with short term stress however if it continues to give you an orange alert for a comprehensive time, you are vulnerable to various health and skin problems. Worst, besides affecting your mental well-being it also imposes a direct blow on your beauty.


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Find out how stress, the dangerous dragon can leave a negative impact on your physical appearance. Also read, how to slay it or at least tame “Stress”.

Stress Impose Wrinkle

Aren’t we constantly worried about the wrinkle on our face and applying all sorts of anti-wrinkle cream. But how many of us actually are aware that stress also plays a major role in imposing wrinkles on our face. Shocked? Well, for a person struggling with “chronic stress”, it is very difficult to be jovial and keep on smiling, In fact, the majority of the people who suffer from “chronic stress” frown and scowl all the time without even realizing it. Even if they try to force a smile on their face, they start frowning again as soon as they stop thinking about it.

This constant frowning and scowling causes wrinkles or frown lines, a mark of invariable worry and stress. This actually happens due to the increasing levels of cortisol, a hormone which restricts the growth of healthy elastin and collagen and makes it difficult for the skin to repair naturally. However, you can drop off levels of cortisol and repeal this damage by doing exercise regularly and getting lots of peaceful sleep.

Stress Cause Hair Loss

Stress, the dangerous dragon doesn’t even love your beautiful long hair. It causes unexpected and sudden hair loss by accurately tossing the knob on the hair follicle’s development phase from a dynamic to a resting stage. Once the follicle enters this resting stage ahead of its time, it settles there for about three months after which a great amount of hair is sure to shed and you are left with no choice but to wait.

Stress Also Lead to Shabby Nails

The stress hormones also prevent the absorption of essential vitamins from food. This deficiency of Vitamin causes gum infection and  makes the finger nail brittle. In addition, when we are tense we are more likely to bite our nails, ultimately leading to un-shaped and shabby nails.

The Dreadful Impact of Stress – Pimples, Zits, Black Heads and White Heads

Weren’t you always bugged by acne such as pimples, zits, black heads and white heads as a teenager? There is something to worry here because acne is not just for hormonally crazed teenagers. Yes, because research reveals that you are more likely to have an acne outburst when you are under stress as it deprives your skin of the essential blood flow it wants, adding more regularly clogged pores. 

Moreover, stressed people often just can’t leave their pimples alone as it is the most fanatical way to release tension and tend to pick, squeeze and poke at them when they are tense. But it makes breakouts bad, aggravating the inflammatory reaction and you are left feeling a bit more stressed. So from now on, no picking!

It Can Leave Your Eyes in Dreadful Condition

Sophia Loren quoted, “Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes”. However, stress being a slow poison doesn’t even spare your eyes and so the only thing your eyes will reflect is your ugliness resulted due to anxiety and not beauty. Wondering how does anxiety and stress imprison your eyes? Well with burden of tension you lack sleep and this lack of sleep results in puffy, tired eyes with dark circles underneath.

Stress and Skin

Lastly, the poison disrupts the upper layer of your skin’s cells, making it dry and turning it into flaky skin. Regular chronic stress takes away all the oxygen and blood that is required in order to be healthy, resulting it to lose its suppleness. If you feel stressed out often, your skin will ultimately give an ugly and dull look since dead cells will take time to flake off while healthy skin cells will take much longer time to surface at the top of the skin.

How To Manage Stress?

Firstly, don’t feel besieged. You might be feeling that you can’t control and organize your body as it has to go through so much on a daily basis. But once you start to ascertain better coping skills for managing stress you can easily discover a path of wellness and beauty.

For this, you first need to recognize and acknowledge the stress and once it has been identified you can then begin to employ techniques to treat and nourish your body both inside and out.

Rightly cited by Maureen Killoran, “Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens and response is something we can choose”.

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