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This article is written by Sheen Bhan, a grade 9th student at the Oakridge International School

I decided to write this small article because in the past two months two boys committed suicide. I did not personally know these two boys but we had a common friend. I was extremely disturbed and emotionally shaken up. If a normal person, who hardly knew them, suffered so much, imagine what their friends and family would be going through? Their parents would be in such agony because they were not even aware of the problems that their child was going through and how they could have helped.

In this generation, children are pampered a lot. They haven’t got half the scolding or beatings our parents got when they grew up. The parents fear to even shout at their child because what if they get sad or mad and committed suicide? Life is like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs, but it is your wish, my friend, if you want to enjoy the ride or fear it. Life is a blessing and those who fear it committed suicide. Do you think this is right?

If you are stuck in life or going down in the roller coaster, you have to take help from your elders or even friends.  There is nothing wrong in asking for help. Committing suicide is very common in this generation. Do you think doing so is a joke?  Do the victims even think once what their family, friends, loved ones or even normal people who have just heard of their name will go through because you decided to give up on life and not take help from anyone?

I personally feel committing suicide is selfish.

All the people who are going through a lot in this world, please hear me out.

“Every day may not be good, but there is good in everyday”

It’s okay to have bad days and it is also okay to be imperfect. After all, we are humans and we were born to be real, not perfect. Life is beautiful. Always spread positivity and always be happy. Life is a journey and you are only starting that journey now. There is so much more waiting for you. Whatever happens, happens for good. Whatever happens, is meant to happen, this is all planned so there is nothing much you can do. But always remember to give your hundred percent and be the best in everything you do because your hard work and dedication in what you do will make you successful in life. Spend more time around people who make you happy and people who matter to you.

Please stop using phones, laptops and other gadgets at the cost of spending quality time with people. Always make sure to be with the right friends and friends who give you knowledge. Go out in the evening, get some fresh air, feel lighter, cooler. Not using your phone for thirty minutes a day won’t make a difference in your life.  Also, your appearance should not matter to others. Be happy with what you are and how you are. Because honey, you are beautiful just the way you are. Wear confidence like your clothes and you will shine, like the brightest star on a dark gloomy day.

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So, everyoto give ne out there! I just want all of you to know, that people will judge you. People close to you will always there be there for you during your difficult times and will make you feel wanted and loved always. You need to just love yourself and take care of your health because this is what stays with you while people come and go.

“Be like protons, always positive”

Have a nice day!

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