7 Sustainable Ways to Save Water at Home to Change the Future of Water Consumption!

Saving water should rather be an everyday habit, custom and a routine than an on-off resolution depending on our mood and/or juncture. Just like we inculcate good conduct and moral values in our family and society, it is now very crucial that we start practicing ways to conserve resources like water for a sustainable living.

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If you are wondering how and where to start, here we share seven sustainable ways to conserve water at home to change the future of water consumption!

Have Left-Over Water in Kitchen? Simply Use it to Water the Plants

It is by practice that we wash our veggies/meat/fish before cutting and cooking it. So, how about using the same to water the plants instead of throwing it into the sink. Nevertheless, the water is nutrient rich unlike the tap water used to water the plants. What is a waste to us, is highly beneficial to the plants. So, why throw it down the sink when someone is benefitting from it?

Or Feed the Left-Over Nutrient-Rich Water to Your Pets

In case you have a pet in your home, you can pour the used water from your kitchen table to pour into your pet’s bowl. Besides, if you have birds visiting you, keep the water in a bowl (at the kitchen window and/or balcony) so that the birds can slurp it over.

Stop Running a Hose – Use Sprinklers

When it comes to cleaning our car and/or watering the lawn we often run a hose, wasting a lot of water in the process. Instead, we should use sprinklers so as to minimize the use of water. After all, when a minimal quantity can do the work why should we bring a flood of water merely because of our laziness?

Opt For #CuttingPaani instead of a Glass Full of Water

A half glass of water aka cutting pani is not an indicator of your child’s laziness anymore. In fact, it is a revolution. Why give a glass full of water to the guests when all they need is just a little water to quench their thirst? Sound’s interesting? Here check out a video of #CuttingPaani – A Initiative by Livpure to change the future of water consumption.

Mopping Over Washing

When it comes to cleaning floors and tiles on the wall, pouring a jug full of water seems to be an easy solution. However, it not only wastes a lot of water but is also injurious to the health of your floors. So, either use a cloth mop (pocha) or the mops with the rods to clean your floors and the wall tiles (in your kitchen, bathroom, and toilets) rather than just throwing buckets of water to get rid of the dust and stains.

Want to Save Water? Use the Garbage Bin – Your Toilet Isn’t Your Trash Can or Ash-Tray

Often, we end up losing a lot of water because of our bad habits of flushing the waste down the toilet hole. Yes, every time we flush a sanitary napkin, cigarette butt, toilet paper or any bit of trash we waste a lot of water. How about using a trash can or an ashtray? This is definitely going to contribute a lot in saving water for today and tomorrow.

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Leaving the Faucet Open and Running when not in need? It’s Pure Wickedness

You cannot conserve water and/or change the future of water consumption unless you keep the faucet open and running while you brush your teeth, shave or have finished rinsing the veggies. This habit has to go and that too on an immediate basis. What’s more, you have to teach the younger generation to do the same. After all, they imitate what they see.

It is time we take care towards water than letting it get exploited by our lazy habits. Now that being water-wise is a collective effort, the campaign #CuttingPani by LivePure is on a mission to reduce the wastage of water in home, restaurants, offices and everywhere indoors. Sounds like a great initiative? How about signing the petition of Paani Bachao, Cutting Mangao!

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