5 Reasons Why We Want More of Swara and Sanskar Romance

Swara and Sanskar Marriage in Swaragini

Swara and Sanskar is one of the best TV couples right now. Being highly popular their romance is longed by the viewers.

However, since there are parallel tracks going in Swaragini, their romantic scenes are less. Here we share some reasons why we want more of Swara and Sanskar romance:

Swara and Sanskar Marriage in Swaragini

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Swara and Sanskar ’s Love Is Now the USP of Swaragini

Swasan’s love story is not only very positive but also very strong. When Swaragini was filled with negativity and hatred, their love was the only positive thing to look forward. Their pairing gave the serial more fans than all the other ideas and scripts. It is now the USP of Swaragini and also something that keeps the TRPs in check.

Because They Are Still Not Getting Time For Themselves

Even since they have married they are not in peace. Credits to Lakshya and his marriage to Kavya. The couple has been busy solving the problems of their family. Now that everything is very much normal we hope that they find time for themselves and the writers give some quality moments to cherish.

Their Honeymoon Is Still Pending

They are married but the two didn’t get time to go on their honeymoon. Hope the writers soon let us witness the impending honeymoon and some cozy moments between the beloved couple.

Swasan Fans Have Been Asking For It from Long

Though the fans are happy that Swasan’s romance is shown in tid and bits, they are eager to see a full on romantic track between them. That is something the fans of Swara and Sanskar have been demanding from long now.

Swasan Needs Some ‘We’ Time

Both of them have been an adarsh beti, beta, bahu and damad. However, it is high time that the couple get some ‘we’ wherein nobody’s trouble disturb them. Now that Ragini and Lakshya are both on the right track, we hope we see them spending more and more time together.

What do you think – Swara and Sanskar fans?

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