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Black Money: The Great Chaos by PM Narendra Modi & FM Arun Jaitley

Are FM & PM Narendra Modi grossly incompetent or they are just…

Bishnu Das Bishnu Das

Corruption in India: Politics, Demonetization & Scams!

Corruption in India- It’s ultimately money that is winning all political battles.

Sanmay Rath Sanmay Rath

Indian Economy: Know How Demonetization Is a Curse For the Middle Class

Effects of Demonetization in India: The Indian economy is going down and…

Sanchit Garg Sanchit Garg

Demonetization in India: Know How Real Estate Sector Price Will Fall By 60% or More

With 20% transaction in white & 80% in black money, check out…

Deepti Verma Deepti Verma

Demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Is Anti-People & Witless

Demonetization: The Indian common men are still in a dilemma about what…

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Surgical Strike against Black money: India against Corruption or Commoners?

It will not be that profitable in long run to fulfill the…

Sanmay Rath Sanmay Rath

SUM Hospital Fire Mishap Bhubhaneshwar: Hospitals Are Also Not Safe in India

If the hospital authorities had followed the health & safety doctrine as…

Sanmay Rath Sanmay Rath

Everything You Wanted to Know About Swati Maliwal, the DCW Chief

Check out all about Swati Maliwal - the DCW chief. Know her…

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21 Rahul Gandhi Quotes From Khaat Sabha: UP Elections 2017!

Ahead of the UP Elections 2017, check out Rahul Gandhi quotes &…

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Kapil Sharma to Narendra Modi, “Ye Hain Aapke Acche Din?”

Kapil Sharma Vs BMC: Was Kapil tweeting from his toilet seat so…

Darshan Mondkar Darshan Mondkar