Atheism, the Power of Self Sufficiency and Individual Accountability!

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Theist, the believers generally have an issue with Atheism and Atheist, the non believers as they equate religion with morality, ethics and principles. According to the Theists, no Theism means – no morality. The atheist is often dejected in the human society with people looking at him/her with an eye of disbelief. The fact however is that religious conviction is not a necessity for morality. Religion or beliefs is a man-made force but morality is universal power and any “Force” needs a “Counter Force” to subsist.

We observe this on a daily basis in the form of hatred, discrepancies and over differences in religious thinking with some of the religions being worse than the others, don’t we?

A “Power” doesn’t need any support to conform its position. It stands unaided in the cosmos and needs nothing more than itself to subsist. Individual accountability is the central character of Atheism, and morality along with individual accountability is totally reliant on Power!

Every creature born in this world gets everything that is required to survive. The Theist deals his self-sufficient oomph for the equanimity in knowing that if something or the other goes wrong then someone or the other is liable. Throughout the line of human development, it has been observed that the wannabe leaders always used the unwillingness of man to accept liability and therefore, established set of laws that eventually evolved into tough beliefs. Next came the Folklore and then was born “Religion.” After religion kicked in, leaders became affluent and prosperous by selling the masses what they already acquired.

Not one man in a thousand has the strength of mind or the goodness of heart to be an atheist

~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Atheists, if you observe, you will find are only a handful of the population. No wonder, the utilization of the in-house power involves an extremely high level of consciousness, which goes beyond the competence of the common people. A level where reality and idealism/fact and fiction can’t exists together.

Atheist either uses his intrinsic power and triumphs or perishes because he will never admit his failure as the will of the Almighty God. For an individual into atheism, there is no one to be blamed or praised but himself/herself along with the inherent universal energy that upholds them. The personal power, energy and force of an atheist always mushroom to shield them.

All throughout our lives we have our own “sentinel angel” instances. A Theist believe that all these “do or die” instances are in the hands of the God who is protecting and safeguarding the life of the person, while an Atheist is well aware that his/her survival is due to the built-in power and not because of any other person. A theist constantly depends on his god for the good, the bad and his fortune to turn overnight but an atheist only looks upon his inner self for all the things he wants or desires to accomplish.

Lastly, while the theist would be busy chanting Hanuman Chalisa for showing him the way out of the trouble, an atheist would make his path in the same time to get out of the trouble. This makes the bottom line of this article –

“Not to spot your focus on the Force of differences in values and beliefs because if required, Atheists roll to the same things the Theist roll to, only the Theists isn’t aware about it.”

Rightly quoted by Madalyn Murray O’Hair

An atheist believes that a hospital 
should be built instead of a church. 
An atheist believes that deed must 
be done instead of prayer said.
An atheist strives for involvement in life 
and not escape into death. 
He wants disease conquered, 
poverty vanished, war eliminated.” 
~ Madalyn Murray O’Hair

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