Things to Consider Before You Hire a Photo Booth Rental Company

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There are many occasions and events when you will need a photo booth. Photo booths are a lot of fun, especially when you want to create memories for all who attend. If you don’t have your own photo booth, however, you may have to rent one. There are several things you should ask before you rent the booth. These things will determine how great a picture will be or not.

1.     The size of the booth

One of the best things about a trade show booth is the ability to pose in any way you want. Therefore, size does matter. People will want to jump in pictures and even become a little free with each other. If you choose an open booth, the chances that your guests will have more freedom are higher. If you are hoping for a bigger crowd, a big booth is better. This way, it will be easier to take group photos with more than just five people.

2.     Reputation

What customers have the company served? Were they satisfied with the services or not? There are higher chances of you being frustrated if the company has only satisfied the needs of 20% of its customers. It is worth paying more for a reputable company than less for a company you are not sure of. Call a few of their customers; find out why they were disappointed and what thrilled them about the company’s work. If the company doesn’t offer contacts, you can go online and read reviews of them.

3.     Image size

There are very high chances that you may get the one in a million shot. When you do, you need to be able to get it printed in a bigger size. It is therefore important that you know what image sizes the company will offer you. The company should also do this for you at very little or no extra cost. If the company does not provide bigger image printing options, how are you going to frame the pictures you take?

4.     You need back up

You do not want mishaps ruining a special day for you. Ensure that the company you hire has back up for the equipment they bring so that if one fails, you don’t have to spend a good day and not have any documented memories of it. This arrangement is something you will have to ask the companies before you choose to hire them. You may even have to see some of the backup equipment they have to ensure they are as great as the ones you will be hiring.

5.     The camera and printer

These two will determine the quality of the images you take. To be on the safe side, make sure you hire a company with a camera that has high lens resolution and that comes with at least a decent printer. The last thing you want is blurred pictures.

In parting

Always ensure that you focus on details and contemplate the words they use. Focusing on said details will ensure that you do not get short-changed and get value for your money. Also, do not shy away from asking the important questions before settling on a company.
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