Top 5 Radar Detectors in 2018

As the police strive to enforce speeding regulations, it has become increasingly hard for drivers to avoid their speed traps. This is rather discouraging for drivers wishing to test how fast their cars can go and still avoid speeding tickets. With the best radar detectors, it is now possible to detect sped guns from a distance.

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Some will notify you as you approach a speed gun so that you can slow down and others will prevent the police gun from reading your actual speed.  Having tested the various radar detectors available today, ranging from the pocket-friendly bare bone models to the high-end ones, here are some that really work:

  1. Valentine One

The Valentine One radar detector is rated the bets by many industry experts for a reason. To begin with, it is a very effective model that delivers impressive performance. This may be attributed to its two antennae that face in different directions as well as its ability to filter against TMF, TMF and K-band collision avoidance systems.

Actually, the system is accurate enough to pinpoint the direction the incoming signal is coming from. In this regard, it is equipped with directional arrows to show you where the incoming signal is coming from.

  1. Escort Passport 9500iX

If you are familiar with radar detectors, you probably know that ESCORT is among the renowned manufacturers in the industry. As a matter of fact, the ESCORT Passport 9500ix detector, by this manufacturer, is one of the best selling models today. it is not a bestselling radar detector because it is affordable; it is because of the features and level of accuracy it offers. This detector is GPS enabled and features a pre-loaded database.

As such the system already knows the location of the known speed cameras and red lights. You will also love the impeachable anti-falsing capabilities offered by this model. The radar detector is also very fast and can detect instant-on signals from police speed guns. The 9500ix supports both Bluetooth and Escort Live integration.

  1. Radenso XP Radar & Laser Detector

Quiet performance and remarkable sensitivity is what you will get from your Radenso XP Radar/Laser Detector. One of the remarkable features of this model is its ability to remember the false alarms along the routes you have used before. Additionally, you can enjoy a quieter ride with this system onboard, thanks to the K-band collision avoidance system on this detector.

Even when used in a k-band signal polluted environment, this detector still delivers impressive signal detection efficiency. It also has built in GPS and allows for easy updating of its firmware and photo enforcement database.

  1. Escort Max 360

Just like the other radar detectors by this manufacturer, the Escort Max 360 is a reliable performer. To begin with, this product features the exceptionally accurate directional indication technology by the manufacturer. Again, it offers an extended range and some of the fastest response times in the industry today.

Other things that make the model appealing include in-built GPS system, directional arrows for showing you where the signal is coming from and a standard USB Smart cord.

  1. Beltronics GT-7

Beltronics is another one of the leading manufacturers in the radar and laser detector industry today. The GT-7 detector by the manufacturer is a real marvel among drivers today. in addition to its appealing aesthetics and compact design, the model is comparatively easy to use, with buttons to regulate such aspects as volume, power, BRT, MRK and SEN. You will also love the effective magnetic mount system on the gadget, along with its conventional carry case.

Our Final Say

Without an effective Radar/Laser detector, speed traps are going to be a nightmare in your life, especially if you own a fast cat. Save yourself the trouble by buying any of these radar detectors.

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