The Top 5 Invoice Approval Software

There are many things that businesses have to deal with daily. This includes having to provide quality customer service, consistency with their product or service, and employee payroll. Employee payroll is perhaps the most important factor in a business’s success. After all, it’s the employees who run most businesses. Nonetheless, this brings up the importance of invoice approval within a business. Also known as check authorization approval, invoice approval is a list of steps required before paying an invoice to an employee. Essentially, it serves as a way to keep a business in check before they hand out payroll or payments for other services. If done by hand through an accountant, this process can be debilitating and hurt a business financially instead of helping it.

This is where invoice approval software comes into play. Not only does this software reduce human accounting errors, but they also play a big part in automating and speeding up this process. Overall, it allows a business to create there own workflow management with benefits such as data analyzation, payment processing, and other similar capabilities through a centralized source. Now that we understand the power of this software, let’s take a look at the top five invoice software to use.

#5: Certified Purchasing

With the Certified Purchasing invoice software, businesses are given the benefit of invoice approval through budget management. By allowing the allocation of money, businesses know exactly where and what to spend on. Of course, this process can be automated upon request. Other features of the Certifies Purchasing software include invoice organization, vendor payment management, and digital requisitioning. With the addition of personalized business controls, this software adapts well to any approval requirements that will raise business employee approval and efficiency.

#4: Armatic

Going away from the business management approaches of other invoice software, the Armatic invoice software gives the power of invoice approval to the employees in an accurate systematic method. Using real-time payment management functions, this software allows employees to pay bills, enter payments, and everything else an invoice software could have. One of its best features is that it allows the automatic conversion of all invoice without bill data entry to get useful bill data in return.

#3: SearchExpress

One of the key features that make the SearchExpress software unique is the integration of machine learning technology within its system. Specifically, this technology can instantly recognize vendors to automatically pull data on different invoices. In other words, it allows for the fast and easy passing of data to other business systems. In addition to allowing for the search and approval of invoices, SearchExpress has other features such as document scanning and external invoice importing.

#2: Aestiva AP Automation

The Aestiva AP Automation invoice software is one of the most well-rounded software on the market. Through the management and overhaul of invoice approvals, users can purchase and spend without having to worry about misplacing funds. This can be achieved by providing automated coding and approval to the system, managing PO processes, or any other type of approval method. Simply put, it gives users a wide margin of methods to successful approval invoices.

#1: Airbase

The Airbase invoice approval platform is popular because of the way it integrates cloud-based technology. While other platforms can do the same thing, Airbase can hold more data that can be used to eliminate expense reports and clean up corporate spends. Also, it has pre-approval that can be used to double-check any final invoice approval. This creates a more accurate and efficient platform to go off of.
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