Top Recruiting Challenges Faced In 2019

Recruitment is becoming challenging with each day. Companies are striving hard to hire the right candidate for a particular position. If you have been in the industry for long enough, you understand that this was not the case a few years or a decade ago.

Now, you have online platforms and such other tools to help you with the recruitment of candidates which not only helps you to filter but also give you access to a wide inventory of potential applicants. The resources of pooling candidates have increased and so is the section of trained and eligible applicants. Even Facebook is having a hard time hiring the right candidates for the job. So, what are the recruiting challenges in 2019?

Here is a list of common challenges most recruiters face these days.

The Crowd

This is one of the major recruitment problems in India. As compared to the growth in the youth population, jobs are increasing at a comparatively lower rate. This means that for every vacant position, there are more applicants than ever.  

IT recruiters in India agree that the number of applicants has increased significantly over the past few years. For instance, for a position of a simple profile of Junior IT executive, hundreds of people apply.

Here, this is a good thing that you raised a requirement of a candidate and people have responded, which is a good thing. But how is a candidate with a graduation degree in arts relevant to your recruitment profile? This brings to the next challenge and a solution to this point – filtering the noise.

Filtering The Noise

Filtering your candidates is something that is being done for many years now. But considering the crowd, you will have to more dynamic and proactive about it. For instance, LinkedIn lets you set some essential qualifications of a candidate to be able to apply for the job. In the absence of such a filter, candidates apply just for the sake of applying. But is that enough?

It is impossible to go through every applicant and shortlist them manually. As such, using a basic filter sure helps. Make sure to make a list of parameters you want to match your candidates against and use them to shortlist candidates after the basic/primary filter.

The Time Factor

Considering the complexity of the entire process, time plays an important role in the entire process. IT recruiters of India believe that there is always a pressure of closing a ticket (filling a vacancy) especially when there is a requirement of an IT candidate by a company.

Increasing the efficiency of the whole process is something recruitment individuals have to work on. To speed up the process you can hire highly experienced industry professionals or a reputed recruitment company.

Communication Between Recruiters and HRs

The communication between recruiters and HRs is yet another challenging issue in the recruitment field. There is a wastage of lots of resources due to this reason in the entire recruitment process.

Most of the times, HRs don’t present their entire concern of candidates profile to recruiters and they end of recruiting someone who doesn’t fit entirely to the HR’s expectations.

Increasing Recruitment Costs

The recruitment cost of companies has been increasing over the years. No matter what the reasons is – the inefficiency of the whole process or something else, companies are facing a hard time in striking a balance between the invested resources and the reliability of a hired candidate. But, what’s the proposed solution?

There are many such challenges faced by small as well as large scale businesses. Amongst many other things, the use of HR analytics is something which should be emphasized by companies. Using it, companies can increase efficiency and decrease the cost of the entire recruitment process.

Hiring professionals in the industry who have been recruiting for companies in different sectors can be an efficient solution for your business. There are reputed recruitment companies offering RPO Service and offshore IT recruitment that can help you speed up your recruitment process to a great extent.

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