When Do You Have To Go To Traffic Court?

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When caught with a traffic offense such as driving with a suspended license, speeding or any other, you may or may not have to go to traffic court. After getting a ticket, some people prefer to pay the fine immediately, lose points on their license and get to pay higher premiums. However, when you feel that the ticket was unjustified, you can always go to court to and fight it.

When you put your signature against a citation or a traffic ticket, it does not mean that you are admitting to any guilt. It means that you are ready to pay the fine, or that you will go to traffic court to dispute the ticket.

There Is A Chance For Dismissal At Arraignment

Going to traffic court has benefits and disadvantages too. One of the benefits is that if you have a good strategy, you can avoid having points put up against your license. You can also avoid having to pay higher insurance premiums.

The fine that you had paid on the ticket will also be refunded if the case is dismissed. Traffic cases are dismissed many times. Although it is not guaranteed, it is still a chance that you can take. Besides, it is also possible to win after deciding to fight the ticket in court.

Even when you know you are guilty, if you can spare the time, go to traffic court. You can then watch the judge as he fines people before you. If he/she reduces their fines after they plead guilty, chances are that your fine too will be reduced. If you do not plead guilty, you will proceed to trial.

When You Can Hire An Attorney To Represent You

You can hire the best speeding ticket lawyer available to represent you if you feel that the ticket was not justified and you have decided to go fight it in court. When you have an attorney, you might not even be required to appear in court in person. Because of the paperwork involved, the strategy and the bargaining power of an attorney, you can get a lower fine, or a dismissal.  

If you are feeling lucky, you can opt to go to court. Many people do this, not because they really want to fight their ticket, but because many times, the traffic officers in charge of many traffic cases do not appear and even when they do, some even forget details about the case. This could earn you a dismissal

On your citations, you will find the location and name of the court where you are supposed to appear. It is best to arrive early so that you can find the courtroom where you will be called. If you are from Orange County, you can check out traffic ticket attorney Orange County.

When you are ready for a full trial

If you do not plead guilty or choose to go to traffic school at arraignment, you will proceed to trial. When you plead guilty, it means you admit guilt and therefore you will be fined. The judge will fine you an amount commensurate with your ticket.

Traffic ticket trials need not be complicated at all, but for first-timers and for people with no grounding in law, it can look complex.Usually, the traffic officer gives evidence of the offenses in the citation.The defendant or his/her lawyer then cross-examines the traffic officer. Once the officer’s testimony has been taken down, the defendant will be called to testify. If you do not wish to testify, that is ok. The judge will then give the verdict according to his/her findings.

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